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2013 Garbage & Recycling Changes

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2013 Garbage & Recycling Changes

updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

St. Louis Park has been a leader in residential garbage and recycling collection in the past, and the new program changes will help ensure St. Louis Park continues to be a leader.

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Public Works
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford St. | St. Louis Park, MN 55426
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Frequently Asked Questions - Organic Waste

updated: Monday, September 15, 2014

No. Organics will smell the same as your household trash. Remember, it is the same waste you have now, just placed in a different cart. Just like garbage, the city requires organic waste to be bagged prior to putting it into the cart. This will help keep smells to a minimum. However, yard waste can be put directly into the cart without being bagged...

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