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Garage Sales

updated: Friday, April 29, 2016

St. Louis Park residents may conduct two garage sales per year, each lasting a maximum of 72 consecutive hours.

  • No outdoor display or storage of sale items is allowed beyond 72 hours.
  • Do not post signs on utility poles, traffic signs or public right-of-ways (i.e. curbside areas of lawns).

Pick up garage sale signs as soon as your sale is over.

Many neighborhood associations in St. Louis Park sponsor neighborhood wide garage sales.  Follow the link to see the list of upcoming neighborhood events, including garage sales.

After your sale is over, please consider donating unsold household items to a charity rather than throwing them away. You'll reduce the amount of garbage sent to incinerators while helping a worthy cause. Some charities - The Salvation Army, for example - will pick up items from your home. For more information, call your favorite charitable organization; they're listed alphabetically in the business section of your phone book or go to to search for non-profit agencies.

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