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St. Louis Park Earns Praise From Residents

updated: Monday, March 24, 2014
Despite economic downturn, current political climate in the state and nation, Park residents continue to offer praise
A solid 97 percent of residents in St. Louis Park rated the quality of life in the city as excellent or good, according to a recently released survey conducted by Decision Resources, Ltd., on behalf of the city. According to Dr. Bill Morris, Decision Resources president, the excellent ratings are the second highest ratings in the metropolitan area.
Morris said that with current economic conditions and the current political climate, one would reasonably expect that ratings would go down for most communities conducting surveys. St. Louis Park last surveyed residents in late 2008 and saw the same 97 percent excellent or good rating for quality of life.
In addition to general perspectives about the city, the survey asked residents about public safety, transportation, city taxes and services, environment, City Hall, community, neighborhood, diversity, parks and recreation, communications and more.
Morris said that underpinning the quality of life rating is the connectedness among neighbors. Residents feel at ease with them, and more important, feel they can rely upon them if the need arose. The participation in neighborhood activities is among the highest in the metropolitan area, and the strength and cohesiveness of neighborhoods now even exceeds the traditional leader, the City of Minneapolis.
Residents also continued to show support for further development of the city’s sidewalk and trails. Eighty-nine percent of residents support the city continuing to build trails and sidewalks while only seven percent did not favor it.
"St. Louis Park has a strong brand reputation that is bolstered by the results," City Manager Tom Harmening said.
“St. Louis Park is known as a forward-thinking community built firmly on the strength of its neighborhoods,” he said. “And we strive to make government accessible, actionable and responsive. We hoped the survey would show that residents felt the same way, but I think we were a little surprised and humbled, considering the times we live in, to see how remarkably our residents rated the community, city government and our services.”
Among the other highlights from the survey:
  • 95 percent of residents said they have an overall feeling of safety in St. Louis Park
  • 98 percent of residents feel welcomed in the community
  • 89 percent of residents view city services as either an excellent or good as compared to other communities
  • 84 percent of residents think the city’s emphasis on environmental concerns is “about right”
  • 94 percent of residents rated city staff’s courtesy highly
  • 96 percent of residents have pride and ownership in their neighborhood
  • 97 percent of residents rate the overall aesthetics of residential neighborhoods in St. Louis Park as either excellent or good
  • 90 percent of residents think homes in their neighborhood are well-maintained
  • 93 percent of residents rate the overall aesthetics of commercial areas in St. Louis Park as either excellent or good
Survey methodology:
Decision Resources contacted 400 randomly selected households in the city. Residents were interviewed by telephone between April 17, 2011 and May 19, 2011. The average interview took 31 minutes. The results of this sample may be projected to the universe of all adult residents of the city within + or - 5 percent in 95 out of 100 cases.

For more, read the complete survey.

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