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Triangle Neighborhood

Triangle NeighborhoodsClick for map

  • North: Minnetonka Boulevard
  • South: CP Railroad/Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority
  • East: City of Minneapolis
  • West: Highway 100

City Council Ward
The Triangle neighborhood is in Ward 2. For your council representative's name, click here.

Neighborhood Characteristics

  • The Triangle neighborhood occupies 190.3 acres with about 6 blocks of residential.
  • This neighborhood contains a variety of housing styles and is one of the earliest subdivisions (dating back to 1887).
  • Many single-family homes have been redeveloped into apartments.
  • City Hall, the Police Station, Carpenter Park and Skippy ball field are located in this neighborhood.
  • Parks & open space - 4.2 percent
  • Commercial/industrial - 20.8 percent
  • Triangle has 992 housing units (110 single family homes, 20 duplexes, 12 townhomes, 38 condominiums and 812 apartment units).
  • The average year built (single family houses) was 1934.
  • Population - 1633 (2002 Census)

Upcoming Events

There are no events scheduled at this time. Please keep checking back!

Neighborhood Association Contact

  • For more information contact neighborhood chair James Denaro, (952) 920-2380 or visit their website at

Police Station Information

The St. Louis Park Police Station was constructed in 1993 and is located on the south side of the City Hall parking lot. It houses the Emergency Communications/911 Center, administrative offices, jail, and training/meeting rooms. To get to the Police Station, turn south onto Raleigh Avenue from Minnetonka Boulevard. After a quarter-block, turn east...

Police Station Tours

Group tours of the police station can be arranged by contacting Community Service Officer Coordinator Eric Lincoln at (952) 924-2125.

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