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Police Department Contact Information

Records/Administration (952) 924-2600
Non-Emergency Dispatch (952) 924-2618
Animal Control (952) 924-2133  
Breanna Erickson, Community Liaison (952) 924-2184
Chad Kraayenbrink, Lieutenant (952) 924-2604
Dan Meyer, Support Services Sergeant (952) 924-2609
Eric Lincoln, CSO Coordinator (952) 924-2125
Erin Nordrum, Community Outreach Officer (952) 924-2661
Joan Reamer, Office Manager (952) 924-2605
John Luse, Police Chief (952) 924-2602
Kirk DiLorenzo, Deputy Chief (952) 924-2134
Lori Dreier, Lieutenant (952) 924-2131
Mike Harcey, Lieutenant (952) 924-2128
Mark Kampa, Support Services Sergeant (952) 924-2132
TDD (Hearing Impaired) (952) 924-2671  

Crime Alert Notice

Recently, there have been several reported incidents of stolen cell phones, wallets and other personal property at local businesses and restaurants. The incidents have involved unknown parties taking these items that are located in purses and bags that are being left unattended.

  • Never leave your purse/bag/briefcase unattended.
  • Always make sure that your purse/bag/briefcase is closed by a zipper, button or large flap.
  • Never leave your purse or bag draped over the back of the chair.
  • Look for a hook under your table to hang your purse/bag on. If there is no hook, place it under the table and hook the strap, if longer, around your leg.
  • Carry your purse/bag/briefcase with you if you leave, even if it will only be a few seconds.

Please immediately report all suspicious activity in your business:

  • Call 911 or (952) 924-2618 (non-emergency)
  • Educate your customers/employees on crime prevention strategies. If you would like a police officer to assist crime prevention training, please call our Community Outreach Officer at (952) 924-2661.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, please call the St. Louis Park Crime Tip Line at (952) 924-2165. Please listen to the entire message before leaving your name and telephone number. Personnel from the St. Louis Park Police Department will monitor the Crime Tip Line during regular business hours.

St. Louis Park Retail Theft Organization

The St. Louis Park Retail Theft Organization is comprised of local retailers and Loss Prevention Representatives. Our purpose is to bring retailers and Loss Prevention Representatives together on a regular basis to resolve and deter theft and security incidents through information sharing. This is a great opportunity to network and discuss current...

About the Police Department

In addition to responding to crime and calls for service, the police department concentrates efforts on prevention and resolving quality of life issues that affect the well being of the community. The police department utilizes a number of operational strategies to deliver police services based on the nature of the incident or problem. For more information...

Police Department Reminds You to Stop for School Buses

According to Lt. Chad Kraayenbrink, the St. Louis Park Police Department received 63 complaints of school bus stop-arm violations in 2013. This is approximately a 73 percent increase from 2012 when there were only 17 complaints received. Kraayenbrink noted the Police Department was able to issue a citation for the majority of the complaints in 2013...

Be Aware of Scams

The St. Louis Park Police Department wants residents to be aware of various scams that are designed to swindle money and/or personal information. These can include lottery scams — in which people receive phony notices indicating they have won a sum of money — or other similar scam letters, which are often sent by email.

Scams can also be perpetrated by businesses when they offer various products and services. Here are some tips from the Police Department to avoid being the victim of a scam:
  • Do your homework when hiring a contractor, auto repair shop or other service in or out of the home. Contact the Better Business Bureau for information and ask for references from the company or facility representative.
  • Talk with family, friends and neighbors on who they may recommend for your specific need. Past experience shows this is a good way to locate a reputable contractor and/or repair facility.
  • Retain trusted contractor and/or repair facility information for future reference.
  • Be aware of door-to-door solicitors and contractors/handymen selling their services. Some may be legit; others may not. Solicitors need to obtain a license to sell door-to-door in St. Louis Park.
  • If unsure about recommended work, get a second opinion from another contractor and/or repair facility — you have that right as a consumer.
  • Read through contracts and have the person you are dealing with explain it thoroughly if you do not understand it before signing.
  • Never give cash as a down payment or to pay for the completed work. Paying by check or credit card will give you a running record of payment. Be wary of companies who do not accept anything for payment but cash.
  • Visit the MN State Attorney General’s Office website and the MN Department of Public Safety website for further information on lottery scams.
  • Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
If you believe you were the victim of a scam, you can call the police department's non-emergency line at (952) 924-2618.

Police Advisory Commission

The Police Advisory commission recently formed as a way to enhance awareness of police department capabilities and services; provide an opportunity for citizen involvement and input in police services; and encourage exchange between the police department and the community. The work of the commission changes as the needs of the community change....

Public Safety Video on Demand

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Information & Map

The Police Department divides St. Louis Park into four patrol districts. Normally, one patrol officer covers each of the four patrol districts. These districts are further divided into 35 neighborhoods (For maps, click on neighborhoods).

Patrol Districts, City of Saint Louis Park

COP Shops

St. Louis Park has four police substations or COP Shops at the locations listed below. Hours vary since the substations are primarily used by officers to write reports and meet with people who have made advance arrangements. Call (952) 924-2600 for more information.


St. Louis Park Cop Shops  


Excelsior & Grand Cop Shop   4717 Park Commons Drive
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Texa-Tonka Shopping Center   Texas Ave. & Minnetonka Blvd
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
West End Cop Shop  

1623 West End Blvd
St. Louis Park, MN 55416



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