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Public Works Contact Information

After-Hours Public Works Emergencies call Police Dispatch: (952) 924-2618

Office Number: (952) 924-2562 (7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Mark Hanson, Public Works Superintendent (952) 924-2186
Scott Merkley, Services Manager (952) 924-2181
Shannon Hansen, Environmental Specialist (952) 924-2183
Tim Williams, Information Specialist (952) 928-2848
Perry White, Information Specialist (952) 924-2698
Jason Bredenberg, SW Field Inspector (952) 928-2857
Beth Holida, Secretary (952) 928-1326
Jean Zimmerman, Secretary (952) 928-1404
Judy Ellingson, Secretary (952) 924-2685
Streets & Traffic
Jeff Stevens, Operations Manager (952) 928-2853
Rick Kiefer, Traffic Field Supervisor (952) 928-2855
Jeff Wolff, Streets Field Supervisor (952) 924-2545
Water & Sewer
Jay Hall, Utilities Superintendent (952) 924-2557
Bruce Berthiaume, Field Supervisor (952) 924-2693
John Laumann, Treatment Plant Supervisor
(952) 928-1322

About Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer (Utilities) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city’s water, sanitary sewer and storm water collection systems to ensure uninterrupted distribution of water and collection of waste water.

Water & Sewer consists of one superintendent, two supervisors, eight public service workers and three mechanics.

Jay Hall | Utilities Superintendent
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford Street | St. Louis Park, MN  55426
P: (952) 924-2557 |

About Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected every week on your regular collection day. Find your collection day and set out your garbage by 7 a.m. to ensure collection. Please do not set your cart in the street, alley, or sidewalk. If you believe your garbage was missed, please call Waste Management at (763) 783-5423.

You have options to increase or decrease the size of your garbage cart.  Garbage carts come in 20, 30, 60 and 90-gallon sizes. Residents interested in downsizing their current garbage service level should call Utility Billing at (952) 924-2111 or fill out the online cart selection form.

Tips for Garbage Collection:

  • Set out by 7 a.m. to ensure collection.
  • Garbage must fit inside your cart with the lid completely closed.
  • If you believe your garbage was missed, please call Waste Management at (763) 783-5423.

The following links provide more information about garbage collection:

Public Works
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford Street | St. Louis Park, MN 55426
P: (952) 924-2562 | F: (952) 924-2560 |

About Garbage & Recycling

St. Louis Park has organized garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection for single family and multiple dwellings of four units or less. In an organized collection system, the city provides residential curbside collection services through a contract with a hauler.

The city entered into five-year contracts with Waste Management and Advanced Disposal on October 1, 2013. The contracts expire on September 30, 2018. Staff in the Public Works Division manage the contracts and oversee the day-to-day operations.






Capital Improvement Program

The CIP plans for the construction and maintenance of our water and sewer infrastructure, roads, bridges, city buildings, parks and recreational facilities, and technology. It identifies the years when improvements will be undertaken and possible funding sources. The first year reflects the adopted Budget for the fiscal year. The remaining four years...

Drinking Water Report

Note to Residents: Recently, the city has received reports of residents being asked to provide water samples in small bottles being left at homes. The bottles come with forms asking for personal information. It is believed that these are coming from third-party companies selling water products, such as softeners. When the city conducts occasional...

Engineering Standards

Engineering Standard Plates are now available online for download. Standard Plates are detailed drawings for contractors to use when preparing plans and specifications for public improvements in or under the public right-of-way and public easements. A zipped file containing all 15 plates can be emailed upon request.  ...

Hennepin County Flood Insurance Study

FEMA’s review and adoption process is extensive with several stages and steps. It is expected that actual adoption of revised maps will occur this summer, with city approvals following in the fall. Additional information can be attained by contacting the FEMA Map Information Exchange (FMIX), toll free at (877) 336-2627 or email FEMAMapSpecialist...

Ice Control Practices

The city has a council adopted Snow Removal / Ice Control Policy which provides for snow removal activities and establishes priorities for how this is accomplished. The council has not established a "bare pavement" or ice free (safety) requirement. Use of chemical and or sand applications have been reduced due to environmental and budgetary...

Park Center Blvd Traffic Signal

Current Status
This project has been completed. If you have any questions or comments about the project please contact the Engineering Department.

Project Description

A traffic signal will be installed on Park Center Boulevard just south of 36th Street at the Target Store and Park Summit entrances. The signal will consolidate the east entrance to the Target Store and the entrance into the new Park Summit development, now under construction. 

The construction will be completed in five phases to maintain access to the businesses along Park Center Boulevard. The project is expected to be completed late this fall.

Jack Sullivan | Engineering Project Manager
City Hall | 5005 Minnetonka Blvd. | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
P: (952) 924-2691 | F: (952) 924-2662 |

Parking: Winter Ban

If your vehicle is ticketed or plowed-in, dig it out immediately and move it to a driveway, garage or plowed street. City ordinance prohibits vehicles from parking within 50 feet (about two car lengths) of any snow left behind when plows went around parked cars. You can be ticketed and towed if you park too close to an unplowed area of the street.

Parking: Winter Exceptions

St. Louis Park automatically bans parking on city streets anytime snow accumulation reaches three inches (day or night). The city does not declare snow emergencies so please do not wait for one before moving your car. There are some exceptions to the winter parking ordinance - but only in a few neighborhoods where parking is limited because of apartment...

Pavement Management

The City of St. Louis Park pavement management program, along with the street maintenance program, was created to facilitate proper maintenance of road surfaces. The city uses various strategies to maintain the asphalt (blacktop) surfaces such as: patch and repair, crack sealing, seal coating, mill and overlay, and reconstruction.

See the Local Street Rehabilitation article for information on pavement management projects scheduled for 2013.

Pavement Management Areas

Jack Sullivan | Sr. Engineering Project Manager
City Hall | 5005 Minnetonka Blvd. | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
P: (952) 924-2691

Pothole Repair

Pothole patching on city streets is done year round. Patching in the winter and spring months is done with material called "cold mix," which is more workable at cold winter temperatures. Regular city pothole patching with "hot mix" asphalt begins in May when asphalt plants re-open for the season. Hot mix asphalt is more durable...

Right-of-Way Permit

The city requires a permit for any work in the right-of-way. This includes work in the street, boulevard and sidewalk. A permit is also required when a lane of traffic must be closed.

2014 Fee Schedule  
Installation/repair of Sidewalk, Curb Cut or Curb and Gutter Permit $10 per 10 linear feet
  • Administrative Fee (all permits)
Work in Public Right-of-Way Permit  
  • Administrative Fee (all permits)
  • Hole in Roadway/Blvd (larger than 10" diameter)
$50 per hole
  • Trenching in Boulevard
$200 per 100 linear feet (minimum $200)
  • Trenching in Roadway
$400 per 100 linear feet (minimum $400)

Public Right-of-Way Permit Application and Requirements

Public Right-of-Way Permit Application Instructions
Public Right-of-Way Permit Inspection Instructions
Public Right-of-Way Permit FAQs

Public Right-of-Way Detail Plates:
Driveway Permit
ST-7 Single Lane Roadsection
ST-8 Multi Lane Roadsection
ST-9 Sidewalk

Karen Wall | Engineering Technician III
City Hall | 5005 Minnetonka Blvd. | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
P: (952) 924-2548 | F: (952) 924-2662 |

Sanitary Sewer

The mission of the Sewer Division is to provide the community with a sanitary sewer collection system that will ensure the optimum transportation of sewage with minimum interruption and backups through maintenance, repair and replacement of the sanitary sewer system. The City has approximately 140 miles of sanitary sewer...

Seasonal Load Limits

If you or someone you hire drives a truck that weighs more than 6 tons per axle, please be aware there are special road restrictions in late winter and early spring. Vehicle weight restrictions protect roadways when the road base is soft and subsurface drainage is limited because the soil is only partly thawed. As a result, the city follows the Minnesota...

Service Line Repair

The Utilities Division will prepare a Special Assessment Agreement (sample attached) and the homeowner will sign a notarized Special Assessment Agreement. The final Special Assessment Agreement amount may be adjusted if the actual work costs exceed the quoted costs. Justification of the adjustment must be reviewed by the Superintendent...

Special Assessments for Road Construction

Special assessment payments are due November 15. Property owners pay a portion of the assessment, plus interest, over a period of years with the annual real estate taxes. Typically, special assessments are paid over a 20 year time period. Certified special assessments also may be paid in full at any time. Usually, special assessments must be paid...

Street Light Replacement Program

The is a long term program providing for the replacement of street light systems which have reached their life expectancy. The street lights proposed for replacement in 2013 are along both sides of Cedar Lake Road from Highway 169 to Louisiana Avenue. Both the poles and the light fixtures will be replace and upgrade to LED lights as part of this project...

Street Sweeping

Our mission is to clean city streets to provide safe conditions for all modes of transportation. All city streets are swept twice a year – in the spring and again in the fall. It is important to remember that sweeping grass clippings and leaves into the street is not only bad for our local lakes, creeks and rivers; it is also a violation of...

Traffic Signal Painting

Current Status
Signals at the intersections of Hwy 7 & Aquila Ave, Hwy 7 & Texas Ave, Excelsior Blvd & Wooddale Ave, Excelsior Blvd & Park Nicollet Blvd, and Excelsior Blvd and Quentin Ave are scheduled to be painted summer of 2014.

Project Description
Traffic Signal Painting is a multi-year program that provides for the painting of the 38 traffic signals for which the City has maintenance responsibility. The city typically paints 2 to 5 signal systems each year.

Jeff Stevens | Public Works Operations Manager
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford Street | St. Louis Park, MN 55426
P: (952) 928-2853 |

Treating Icy Road Conditions

The City of St. Louis Park has developed a strategy on salt usage in its winter maintenance plan. According to Environmental Protections Agency standards and the Minnehaha Watershed District, a higher chloride level has been noticed in Minnehaha Creek contributed by salt usage. As a result of increased public sentiment of environmental and...

Utility Billing Information

If you are going to be a new owner or renter, please call the utility billing department at (952) 924-2111, option 6, to have someone check to be sure the previous resident has called to cancel service and that there are no past due amounts on the account. The utility billing department can let you know what level of garbage service is currently...

Water System

The mission of the Water Division is to provide an uninterrupted supply of safe, high quality water to our customers. The City of Saint Louis Park provides drinking water to its residents from groundwater sources. The water system consists of 11 active wells, 6 water treatment facilities, three one million gallon water towers, four reservoirs with...

About Public Works Administration

Public Works Administration provides administrative support for Streets & Traffic and Water & Sewer. They also provide technical support for the roadway and utility infrastructure; manage the city's solid waste program; coordinate the spring and fall city clean-up events; manage telecommunication leases; and oversee the Division...

About the Engineering Department

The Engineering Department’s activities focus on implementing long-term capital improvements to the city’s infrastructure from concept through construction including: special studies, data analysis, survey, design, public involvement, permitting, construction observation and contract administration. The main services provided are:

About Streets & Traffic

Streets & Traffic (Operations) has a mission to ensure the safety of the traveling public and to provide for a safe, functional transportation system within St. Louis Park. They are responsible for plowing 290 lane miles of streets, 22 miles of alleys and 52 parking lots; shoveling snow and repairing 105 miles of public sidewalks and trails...


In 1933, Carol W. Hurd (who became mayor in 1952) headed a committee to rename St. Louis Park's then erratically named streets. The committee decided on a system of alphabetical north/south streets and numbered east/west streets. The second alphabet uses names from states and Canadian provinces; the third alphabet commemorates historic or patriotic...

Hennepin County Construction Projects

Visit Hennepin County's website to learn about county roadway construction projects.

MnDOT Construction Projects

Visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website to learn about highway construction projects.

Erosion Control Permit

When stormwater drains off a construction site, it carries sediment and other pollutants that harm lakes, streams and wetlands. According to the 1996 National Water Quality Inventory, stormwater runoff is a leading source of water pollution. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 20 to 150 tons of soil per acre is lost every...

High School Area Parking Permit

On-street parking is restricted in the area of the high school. If you live in the identified restricted area you are allowed to receive up to four permits to park on-street. To be considered for a permit, residents need to submit an application and show proof of residence (i.e. driver’s license or utility bill). Engineering staff evaluates...

Winter Parking Permit

Households that do not have enough space to park at least two vehicles off the street, may apply for a parking permit if they meet one of these criteria:
  • The household has no garage or driveway (no permit fee, limit two permits per household)
  • The household has off-street parking for only one vehicle but owns two vehicles (no permit fee, limit one permit per household)
  • The household has off-street parking for only one vehicle but owns three or more vehicles (one free permit and $125 for one additional permit, limit two permits per household)
  • The household has off-street parking for two vehicles but owns three or more vehicles ($125 per permit, limit two permits per household)
  • The household requires the aid of a licensed caregiver and does not have off-street parking for the caregiver's vehicle ($25 for caregiver's permit; limit of one caregiver permit per household)
To have a permit application mailed to you, call (952) 924-2562 or Winter Parking Permit download.
Even if you have a parking permit, you must move your car to a plowed street on the second day of plowing. If you don’t dig out your car and move it to a plowed street, you can be ticketed and towed. When you move your car, don’t park too close to snow left behind by plows when they went around parked cars.

Jeff Stevens | Operations Manager
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford Street | St. Louis Park, MN 55426
P: (952) 928-2853 |

Medical Needs Permit

In special cases where residents have medical conditions, the City Code allows for issuance of a permit to restrict on-street public parking in-front of a residence. To be considered for a permit, residents need to submit an application form with letter from their doctor. Public Works staff evaluates the request and City Council considers the...

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