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Recycling Service

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About Recycling Collection

updated: Friday, August 21, 2015

Recycling is collected every-other-week on your regular collection day. Find your collection day and set out your recycling by 7 a.m. to ensure collection. Please do not set your cart in the street, alley, or sidewalk. If you believe your recycling was missed, please call Waste Management at (763) 783-5423.

You have options to increase or decrease the size of your recycling cart or request an additional recycling cart. Recycling carts come in 30, 60 and 90-gallon sizes. Residents interested in changing the size of their current recycling cart, or adding an additional cart should call Utility Billing at (952) 924-2111 or fill out the online recycling cart selection form.

There is no additional cost for recycling collection – it is included in your standard garbage collection rate.  Please note that you may only change your recycling service level once per calendar year, for free.  Additional service level changes will result in a fee.

The following links provide more information about recycling collection:

Public Works
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford St. | St. Louis Park, MN 55426
P: (952) 924-2562 |

See more about: recycling  waste management  


Beyond Curbside Recycling

updated: Friday, August 07, 2015

Plastic Bags are not accepted in the residential curbside recycling program. Several retailers accept a variety of clean, dry and empty plastic bags including grocery bags; dry-cleaning bags; clean and dry cereal bags, bread bags and produce bags; zipper bags (remove top closing mechanism); stretch/shrink wrap; and 6-pack holder rings. 

Educational Tags - Recycling

updated: Monday, August 31, 2015

The city requires Waste Management to leave educational tags on your recycling cart for improperly prepared recycling. Improperly prepared recycling includes items such as: non-recyclable items or placing materials in plastic bags.  

Items that are not recyclable go into your garbage cart. Contact Waste Management at (763) 783-5423 or if you receive a tag and have questions. 

Fall Clean-Up Day

The Annual Fall Clean-Up Day will be held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the St. Louis Park Municipal Service Center, 7305 Oxford Street. The event is for St. Louis Park residents only, personal identification will be required.

For a fee:

  • Bulky items for disposal (e.g. furniture, toys, remodeling supplies, wood, equipment, etc.).
  • Appliances
  • CRT Monitors, Box/Tube TV's.
  • Tires (collected for shredding and reuse).
  • Mattresses and box springs can be brought to the event for recycling, for a fee of $20 each regardless of size.

Check back soon for fee information. Cash or checks only.

For no charge:

  • Bicycles in any condition.
  • Electronics – EXCLUDES CRT Monitors, Box/Tube TV's, which are accepted for a fee.
  • Gently used items for donation.
  • Textile recycling – Bring torn and worn clothes, shoes (pairs only), linens, towels, fabric scraps and rags for free recycling. Clean and dry only please.
  • Scrap metal recycling – Bring in old metal grills, steel shelving, bed frames etc. Lawn mowers and snow blowers must be drained of all fluids.
  • Paper shredding – Bring in your papers for free shredding. Limit three grocery-sized bags per vehicle. Shredded paper will be recycled.
  • Fluorescent bulb recycling – Limit 10 bulbs per vehicle. Bring in your expired, unbroken fluorescent bulbs (including compact fluorescent lights, U-tube and Circline fluorescent tubes, bug zappers, black lights, germicidal bulbs, high output bulbs and cold-cathode fluorescent bulbs) for proper disposal.

Not Accepted:
DO NOT bring tree debris, yard waste, garbage, recyclables, batteries, paint, hazardous waste or concrete. Hazardous waste can be brought to Hennepin County's drop-off facilities, visit or call 612-348-3777 for locations and information. 


  • Reduce your wait time and vehicle load fees by coordinating with your neighbors or friends to load up one vehicle to deliver items to the Fall Clean-Up.
  • For your safety, we ask that you do not walk or bike in with your materials for drop-off.
  • Many items accepted at the Clean-Up events are accepted year-round at other locations in the metro area. Visit the A-Z How To Get Rid Of It Guide at for information.


The Clean-Up Day is sponsored by Waste Management and the City of St. Louis Park and is provided as a lower-cost alternative to home pick up. Call Public Works at (952) 924-2562 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions - Recycling

updated: Friday, August 21, 2015

Yes you can switch to a smaller cart smaller cart by filling out the online Recycling Cart Selection Form or by calling Utility Billing at (952) 924-2111. Before downsizing, remember that collection is every-other-week and additional bulky plastics will be collected and will need to fit inside your cart. Also, you are allowed one cart change per 12...

Get Caught Recycling

updated: Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Get Caught Recycling Program began in December 2003 and rewards residents who properly recycle. Each month, the Solid Waste Field Inspector randomly selects two addresses that have at least one full recycling bin set out for collection. The winners receive a one-time $50 credit on their utility bill (if in good standing), and a reusable bag...

Hennepin County Offers Grants to Businesses to Increase Recycling

These grants can help with the purchase of containers, equipment purchase and installation, hauling service charges and minor improvements to loading docks and waste enclosures. Having a strong recycling program conserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, can help a business’s bottom line, and demonstrates their commitment...

Pumpkin Recycling

Pumpkin Recycling is FREE and Good for the Environment!
Advanced Disposal provides curbside collection of pumpkins each year during the week of Halloween through the end of the yard waste collection season.

Residents are asked to place pumpkins next to yard waste bags or branch bundles on their regular garbage collection day by 7 a.m. If pumpkins are bagged, please remember to use compostable bags and limit the weight to less than 40 pounds per bag.

Organic waste customers can place pumpkins inside their cart along with yard waste.

All candle wax, paint and decorations must be removed. Painted pumpkins cannot be accepted. All the pumpkins will be taken to a compost facility or given to a farm operation for animals’ food.

For more information, contact Advanced Disposal at (763) 786-7723.

Additional Resources
Pumpkins are too cool!

Recycling for Small Businesses & Multi-family Properties

updated: Monday, May 11, 2015

Small businesses and multi-family residential (up to 8-plex) are allowed to participate in any of the city’s single-family residential solid waste, recycling, or organics collection programs.  A business may choose to join one or more of the single-family residential programs as long as the following criteria are met: 

  • Service location is along existing single-family residential collection routes and amount of waste generated can be collected in city-provided carts, not dumpsters

Note: All programs provide up to 2 x 90-gallon carts (2 garbage, 2 recycling, 2 organics), additional carts may be requested and are made available at the City's discretion. Additional garbage carts will result in an increase in service fees. Additional organics or recycling carts are free.

The same rules and collection schedules apply to small businesses, multi-family and single-family residential. Collection schedules are as follows:

  • Garbage & Organic Waste must be collected weekly
  • Recycling must be collected every-other-week

At the city’s discretion, participation in the program by any multi-family residential building or business can be terminated at any time by the city.  Request information and pricing by calling or emailing Mike Okey at the contact information listed below.


All multi-family residential buildings are required by city ordinance to offer recycling to their tenants, see Chapter 22 of the City Code.

Most commercial buildings are required by the State to begin recycling by January 1, 2016, see information from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


Mike Okey
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford St. | St. Louis Park, MN 55426
P: (952) 928-2857 |

Recycling Recovery Rate Study

updated: Monday, April 27, 2015

In May 2009, waste sorts were conducted in two suburban communities in Hennepin County – St. Louis Park and Minnetonka. Each sort was one week long, with the primary objective of determining the recycling recovery rate of materials in curbside recycling programs and assessing the potential to increase it.

The recycling recovery rate is the ratio of the amount of material recycled by the resident to the total recyclable material in both the waste cart and the recycling bin.

St. Louis Park Conclusions

  1. Of the recyclables set out by residents, 64.8 percent were paper, 32.4 percent were containers, and 2.7 percent were combined trash/organics. Household batteries, consumer electronics and HHW/problem materials accounted for less than 0.1 percent as did clothes/linens.
  2. The most predominant materials in the curbside recyclables were newspapers/inserts (29.3 percent) and glass bottles/jars (23.5 percent).
  3. Of the waste cart contents, 10.3 percent were recyclable papers and 4.6 percent were containers.
  4. Of the recyclables remaining in the waste carts, those that were found in the largest amounts included:
    • Newspapers/Inserts – 2.4 percent
    • Glass Bottles/Jars – 2.1 percent
    • Office Paper/Mail – 1.8 percent
  5. Comparing the recyclables from the curbside program with the recyclables found in the waste carts, five categories have a recycling recovery rate of 75 percent or greater including:
    • Newspapers/Inserts – 89.8 percent
    • Glass Bottles/Jars – 89.1 percent
    • Phone Books – 79.6 percent
    • Corrugated Cardboard – 79.2 percent
    • Magazines/Catalogs – 78.5 percent
  6. Organics (food waste, non‚Äźrecyclable paper, and yard waste) accounted for 42 percent of the contents of the waste carts.

Additional information can be found in the Hennepin County Suburban Recycling Recovery Rate Study.

Single-Sort Recycling

updated: Monday, May 11, 2015

Textile Recycling is no longer being offered with curbside pickup as this was an exclusive service offered by the city's previous recycling contractor.  Residents can still recycle their clean, torn, and worn items by bringing them to one of many USAgain boxes located around the metro area. Many other charitable organizations offer free curbside...

Single-Sort Recycling Acceptable Materials

updated: Monday, July 27, 2015

Please place recyclable materials into the recycling cart and make sure the lid closes. If you have extra recyclables that cannot fit into your cart, place them in a brown paper bag, cardboard box, or your old recycling bin next to your cart. If your item is not listed below, check out Hennepin County's A to Z Guide for additional recycling or...

Walkup Service for Recycling

updated: Monday, August 31, 2015

Walkup service is an optional service where the driver collects your recycling at a location on your property other than at the curb or alley. The 2015 fee for recycling walk-up service is $4 per month and is billed directly to the customer by Waste Management. Residents can sign up for this extra service by calling Waste Management at (763) 783...

Waste Management

updated: Monday, July 27, 2015

The city provides residential garbage and recycling collection through a contract with Waste Management.

Garbage Truck

Garbage and Recycling Contact Information:


Recycle Your Cell Phone or Printer Cartridge

updated: Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recycling Association of Minnesota has provided the City of St. Louis Park with collection boxes to recycle the following items: cell phones, PDA's, iPods, MP3 players, and printer inkjet cartridges. These collection boxes are located at City Hall, The Rec Center, Westwood Hills Nature Center and the Municipal Service Center. For more information...

Holiday Lights Recycling

updated: Monday, August 31, 2015

Tired of your old holiday decor? Want to update your decorations with efficient LED lights? Or maybe you want to finally get rid of the tangled mess of holiday light strings and cords that no longer work. Instead of tossing them in the trash, bring them in for FREE recycling!

What can be dropped off?
Old holiday light strings, lighted yard decorations and electrical cords (including telephone and extension cords).  St. Louis Park Rec Center Building

Where can I bring my lights?
The Rec Center, 3700 Monterey Drive
Municipal Service Center, 7305 Oxford Street

Items can be dropped off during business hours throughout the year.

This program is promoted statewide in partnership with WCCO, Great River Energy, Ace Hardware stores, and CERTS (Clean Energy Resource Teams). It employs over 200 individuals with disabilities at vocational centers throughout the state of Minnesota. Every part of the strand is dismantled by vocational center clients and properly recycled locally.

The Recycling Association of Minnesota manages the Recycle Your Holidays™ program. 

For more information, contact The Rec Center at (952) 924-2540 or the Municipal Service Center at (952) 924-2562.

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Municipal Service Center
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