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2013 Local Street Rehabilitation

The city awarded the 2013 Local Street Rehabilitation Project to Astech Construction. Construction for this project has been substantially completed with only minor repair items, site cleanup, and final acceptance of the turf establishment remaining. The method of turf restoration that was used is called hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a process by which...

2013 MSA Street Rehabiliation - Parkdale Drive

The project will be constructed under traffic. However, there may be temporary nighttime closures. Motorists will be guided through the work zone during the periods of temporary lane closures. Temporary traffic lane closures will occur next to work areas resulting in single lane traffic in each direction. Access to driveway entrances and intersections...

2013 Street Sealcoating

This year’s sealcoat project covered the southwest portion of the city, including the Aquila, Minnehaha, and Cobblecrest Neighborhoods (see map). The contractor finished the sealcoating operations on Wednesday, August 7 and the city has completed the final sweeping operations. The city has completed a temporary restoration of the Gorham...

CSAH 25 Resurfacing (France Avenue to Hwy 100)

Hennepin County will be performing a mill and overlay (resurfacing) of CSAH 25 between Highway 100 and France Avenue. Essentially, the existing pavement surface will be removed and replaced. CenterPoint Energy or other utility companies may be performing underground utility work prior to the paving operation. Expect periodic lane closures...

France Avenue Pedestrian Improvements 26th Street to 22nd Street

The city is planning improvements along France Avenue from 26th Street up to 22nd Street in Minneapolis. This work includes a 6 foot boulevard style concrete sidewalk on the west side of France Avenue from 26th Street to 22nd Street, roadway narrowing along the west side, lane narrowing for north and south bound traffic, narrow striped shoulders...

Highway 100 Reconstruction

Beginning in late summer 2014, MnDOT will start construction on TH100 from just north of W. 36th Street to W. 26th Street. This is a multi-year project that will be completed in the fall of 2016. The estimated cost is $60 million. In conjunction with the road work, the city will be replacing the water, sanitary and storm utilities that cross under...

Highway 7 & Louisiana Avenue Interchange

Starting on Monday, April 21, traffic will be switching to the next phase of the project. This phase reduces the lanes on Louisiana Avenue to one lane in each direction. Also, Walker Street and West Lake Street (both East of Louisiana) will be closed starting Monday, April 21 at 5 a.m. until July 2014. Notice of Lane Closures on Walker Street and...

Ice Control Practices

The city has a council adopted Snow Removal / Ice Control Policy which provides for snow removal activities and establishes priorities for how this is accomplished. The council has not established a "bare pavement" or ice free (safety) requirement. Use of chemical and or sand applications have been reduced due to environmental and budgetary...

Park Center Blvd Traffic Signal

Current Status
This project has been completed. If you have any questions or comments about the project please contact the Engineering Department.

Project Description

A traffic signal will be installed on Park Center Boulevard just south of 36th Street at the Target Store and Park Summit entrances. The signal will consolidate the east entrance to the Target Store and the entrance into the new Park Summit development, now under construction. 

The construction will be completed in five phases to maintain access to the businesses along Park Center Boulevard. The project is expected to be completed late this fall.

Jack Sullivan | Engineering Project Manager
City Hall | 5005 Minnetonka Blvd. | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
P: (952) 924-2691 | F: (952) 924-2662 |

Parking: Winter Ban

If your vehicle is ticketed or plowed-in, dig it out immediately and move it to a driveway, garage or plowed street. City ordinance prohibits vehicles from parking within 50 feet (about two car lengths) of any snow left behind when plows went around parked cars. You can be ticketed and towed if you park too close to an unplowed area of the street.

Pavement Management

The City of St. Louis Park pavement management program, along with the street maintenance program, was created to facilitate proper maintenance of road surfaces. The city uses various strategies to maintain the asphalt (blacktop) surfaces such as: patch and repair, crack sealing, seal coating, mill and overlay, and reconstruction.

See the Local Street Rehabilitation article for information on pavement management projects scheduled for 2013.

Pavement Management Areas

Jack Sullivan | Sr. Engineering Project Manager
City Hall | 5005 Minnetonka Blvd. | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
P: (952) 924-2691

Pothole Repair

Pothole patching on city streets is done year round. Patching in the winter and spring months is done with material called "cold mix," which is more workable at cold winter temperatures. Regular city pothole patching with "hot mix" asphalt begins in May when asphalt plants re-open for the season. Hot mix asphalt is more durable...

Seasonal Load Limits

If you or someone you hire drives a truck that weighs more than 6 tons per axle, please be aware there are special road restrictions in late winter and early spring. Vehicle weight restrictions protect roadways when the road base is soft and subsurface drainage is limited because the soil is only partly thawed. As a result, the city follows the Minnesota...

Special Assessments for Road Construction

Special assessment payments are due November 15. Property owners pay a portion of the assessment, plus interest, over a period of years with the annual real estate taxes. Typically, special assessments are paid over a 20 year time period. Certified special assessments also may be paid in full at any time. Usually, special assessments must be paid...

Street Sweeping

Our mission is to clean city streets to provide safe conditions for all modes of transportation. All city streets are swept twice a year – in the spring and again in the fall. It is important to remember that sweeping grass clippings and leaves into the street is not only bad for our local lakes, creeks and rivers; it is also a violation of...

Treating Icy Road Conditions

The City of St. Louis Park has developed a strategy on salt usage in its winter maintenance plan. According to Environmental Protections Agency standards and the Minnehaha Watershed District, a higher chloride level has been noticed in Minnehaha Creek contributed by salt usage. As a result of increased public sentiment of environmental and...

About Streets & Traffic

Streets & Traffic (Operations) has a mission to ensure the safety of the traveling public and to provide for a safe, functional transportation system within St. Louis Park. They are responsible for plowing 290 lane miles of streets, 22 miles of alleys and 52 parking lots; shoveling snow and repairing 105 miles of public sidewalks and trails...

Hennepin County Construction Projects

Visit Hennepin County's website to learn about county roadway construction projects.

MnDOT Construction Projects

Visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website to learn about highway construction projects.

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