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The city has ended the snow emergency effective immediately. Thank you for your cooperation in moving vehicles off the streets.

The city has ended the snow emergency effective immediately. Thank you for your cooperation in moving vehicles off the streets.

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Staff Directory

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Department Phone Numbers

updated: Wednesday, September 02, 2015

City of St. Louis Park Information

Emergency: Police, Fire, Medical 911
General Information (952) 924-2500
Email Contact
General Department Numbers  
Administrative Services (952) 924-2531
Assessing (952) 924-2535
Community Development (952) 924-2575
Elections (952) 924-2503
Engineering (952) 924-2656
Finance (952) 924-2515
Fire Department (952) 924-2595
Human Resources (952) 924-2521
Information Resources (952) 924-2502
Inspections (952) 924-2588
Municipal Service Center (952) 924-2562
Parks & Recreation (952) 924-2540
Police Department (952) 924-2600
Utilities (952) 924-2562
Utility Billing (952) 924-2111
Westwood Hills Nature Center (952) 924-2544

Administrative Services Contact Information

updated: Monday, August 10, 2015

City Manager    
Tom Harmening, City Manager (952) 924-2525
Debbie Fischer, Office Assistant (952) 924-2525
Kay Midura, Office Assistant (952) 924-2505
Melissa Kennedy, City Clerk (952) 928-2840
Shannon Pinc, Environment and Sustainability Coordinator (952) 924-2191
Elections (952) 924-2503
Barb Virum, Utility Billing Clerk (952) 924-2694
Brian Swanson, Controller (952) 924-2683
Connie Neubeck, Accounting Clerk/Secretary (952) 924-2680
Darla Monson, Senior Accountant (952) 924-2512
Deb Montilino, Utility Billing Clerk (952) 924-2507
Joanna Ip, Cash Management Clerk (952) 924-2534
Pat Sulander, Accountant (952) 924-2696
Steven Heintz, Finance Supervisor (952) 924-2511
Human Resources    
Ali Timpone, HR Coordinator (952) 928-2846
Jodie Meckle, Payroll Specialist (952) 924-2510
Laura Smith, Wellness & Volunteer Coordinator (952) 928-2847
Lori Vail, HR Technician (952) 924-2520
Nancy Deno, HR Director/ Deputy City Manager (952) 924-2519

Assessing Contact Information

Assessing Division    
Main Number 952-924-2535
Bridget Nathanson, Commercial
Cory Bultema, City
David Wolf, Associate
Deb Lynch, Residential
Mark Hoppe, Residential
Marty Fechner, Assessing


City Manager Contact Information

updated: Wednesday, September 02, 2015

City Manager    
Tom Harmening, City Manager (952) 924-2525

Community Development Contact Information

Community Development    
Main Number 952-924-2575
Amy Fokuo, Office
Cindy Stromberg, Housing Assistance Coordinator
Gary Morrison, Assistant Zoning
Greg Hunt, Economic Development
Julie Grove, Planning/Economic Development
Kevin Locke, Community Development
Marney Olson, Housing Programs
Meg McMonigal, Planning/Zoning
Michele Schnitker, Housing
Nancy Sells, Administrative
Ryan Kelley, Associate
Sean Walther, Senior
Sue Wiseman, TRAILS
Tanya Warren, Public Housing
Teresa Schlegel, Public Housing


Engineering Contact Information

updated: Friday, September 04, 2015
Engineering Department    
Main Number 952-924-2656
Aaron Wiesen, Civil
Char Rohlik, Engineering Office
Debra Heiser, Engineering
Erick Francis, Water Resources
Heather Cunningham, Engineering
Jack Sullivan, Senior Engineering Project
Joe Shamla, Senior Engineering Project
Karen Wall, Engineering Tech
Kerrwin Dempsey, Engineering Tech
Laura Cummings, Engineering
Luke Ingram, Engineering
Mark Fremder, Project
Phillip Elkin, Senior Engineering Project
Ryan Shore, Engineering
Tom Leonhardt, Project
Tom Pecchia, Engineering Tech


Facility Maintenance Contact Information

updated: Monday, November 09, 2015

Facility Maintenance    
Rutager West, Facilities Supervisor (952) 924-2176

Fire Department Contact Information

updated: Monday, October 05, 2015
Fire Department    
Main Number 952-924-2595
Cary Smith, Fire Marshall/ Assistant
Eva Hansen,
John Wolff, Deputy
Rodger Coppa, Assistant
Shawn Glapa,
Steve Koering, Fire
Sue Rasmussen, Administrative


Fleet Maintenance Contact Information

updated: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fleet Maintenance    
Dennis Millerbernd, Equip. Supt. 952.924.2561

Information Resources Department Contact Information

updated: Thursday, September 17, 2015
Information Resources Department    
Main Number 952-924-2502
Clint Pires, Chief Information
Dustin Hammond, IT
Jacqueline Larson, Communications and Marketing
Jason Huber, Information Technology
John McHugh, Community TV
John Peterson, IT
Misty Lewis, Program
Nicole Pribbenow, Communications
Nikki Farrow, Senior IT
Paul Broden, Program
Reg Dunlap, Civic TV
Scott Heddle, IT
Scott Smith, Program
Tami Strohmeyer, Customer Service


Inspections Department Contact Information

updated: Friday, September 04, 2015
Inspection Department    
Main Phone952-924-2588
Fax Number952-924-2663
Aaron Borken, Permit
Ann Boettcher, Inspections Services
Bernie Riley, Const. Codes Inspector/
Brian Hoffman, Director and
Caleb Hansen, Construction Codes Plumbling
Colby Cartney, Construction Codes
David Bethke, Building Codes Electrical
David Skallet, Chief Building
Dean Blom, Construction Codes
Eileen Tierney, Office
Eric Tessman, Property Maintenance
Jason Bredenberg, Property Maintenance Inspector952-924-2589
Jerry Jasmer, Construction Codes
Jim Dube, Construction Codes
Kari Mahan, Permit
Michael Pivec, Property Maintenance
Randy Kelzenberg, Property Maintenance
Steve Wolfe, Property Maintenance


Operations & Recreation Contact Information

updated: Monday, October 26, 2015
Operations & Recreation    
Municipal Service Center952-924-2562
Parks & Rec952-924-2540
Westwood Hills Nature Center952-924-2544
Caroline Voss, Office
Cindy Walsh,
Jason Eisold, Rec Center
Jason West, Recreation
Jim Lombardi, Recreation
Jim Vaughan, Natural Resources
Les Bocksell, Weed
Lisa Abernathy, Recreation
Nate Rosa, Recreation
Rick Beane, Park
Sandy McCartney, Tree
Stacy Voelker, Administrative


Police Department Contact Information

updated: Thursday, September 17, 2015
Police Department    
Non-Emergency Dispatch952-924-2618
Animal Control952-924-2133
Breanna Freedman, Community
Chad Kraayenbrink,
Dan Meyer,
Eric Lincoln, CSO
Erin Nordrum, Community Outreach
Joan Reamer, Office
John Luse, Police
Kirk DiLorenzo, Deputy
Lauren McConnell, Office Assistant
Lori Dreier,
Mark Kampa,
Mike Harcey,


Public Works Contact Information

updated: Thursday, October 29, 2015

After-Hours Public Works Emergencies call Police Dispatch: (952) 924-2618

Office Number: (952) 924-2562 

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Mark Hanson, Public Works Superintendent (952) 924-2186
Scott Merkley, Services Manager (952) 924-2181
Kala Fisher, Solid Waste Program Coordinator
(952) 924-2183
Tim Williams, Information Specialist (952) 928-2848
Perry White, Information Specialist (952) 924-2698
Mike Okey, SW Field Inspector (952) 928-2857
Beth Holida, Secretary (952) 928-1326
Jean Zimmerman, Secretary (952) 928-1404
Judy Ellingson, Secretary (952) 924-2685
Streets & Traffic
Jeff Stevens, Operations Manager (952) 928-2853
Rick Kiefer, Traffic Field Supervisor (952) 928-2855
Jeff Wolff, Streets Field Supervisor (952) 924-2545
Water & Sewer
Jay Hall, Utilities Superintendent (952) 924-2557
Bruce Berthiaume, Field Supervisor (952) 924-2693
John Laumann, Treatment Plant Supervisor
(952) 928-1322


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