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Streets & Traffic

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About Streets & Traffic

updated: Monday, March 09, 2015

Streets & Traffic (Operations) has a mission to provide and ensure for a safe, functional transportation system (vehicular and pedestrian) within St. Louis Park. Operations consists of an operations manager, two field supervisors and 11 public service workers.

Streets Division
– One field supervisor and eight public service workers – responsible for all maintenance associated with 377 lane miles of streets, 107 miles of sidewalks, 21 miles of alleys, 10 municipal parking lots to include but not limited to snow and ice control, patching, and sweeping. The streets division also maintains various other city assets such as retaining walls, guard rails, city-owned bus shelters, bollards and public art. Any replacement or new construction of city assets is handled by the Engineering Department.

Traffic Division
– One field supervisor and three public service workers – responsible for all maintenance associated with 1600 street lights, 7576 signs and 29 signal systems. The traffic division also manages all pavement markings such as crosswalks and striping.

Jeff Stevens | Public Works Operations Manager
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford St. | St. Louis Park, MN  55426
P: (952) 928-2853 |

2014 Pavement Management

updated: Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Current Status
All significant construction work is complete on this project.  The contractor will be back in the spring to complete some miscellaneous work and site clean up.

Thank you for your patience during the construction project. Contact us if you have questions.

Project Description
Each year the city rehabilitates several miles of local residential streets. For the 2014 project, the streets to be rehabilitated are located primarily in the Browndale Neighborhood, with some work occurring in the Minikahda Vista and Triangle Neighborhoods (see map).

The project includes:

  • Removing the asphalt pavement and replacing it with a new surface
  • Curb replacement, if needed (Those areas where the curb is broken or has settled, and now creates an area of standing water)
  • Storm sewer inlets, at the corners of the blocks, may also be rebuilt and old hydrants will be replaced
  • Watermain replacement on Mackey Avenue, Utica Avenue, Brook Avenue, Raleigh Avenue and Toledo Avenue

06-09-2014 Construction Notice
06-20-2013 Residential Survey Notice Letter
06-20-2013 Project Location Map

Jack Sullivan | Senior Engineering Project Manager
City Hall | 5005 Minnetonka Blvd. | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
P: (952) 924-2691 |

Pothole Repair

updated: Monday, March 09, 2015

Pothole patching on city streets is done year round. Patching in the winter and spring months is done with material called "cold mix," which is more workable at cold winter temperatures. Regular city pothole patching with "hot mix" asphalt begins in May when asphalt plants re-open for the season. Hot mix asphalt is more durable...

Sidewalk Snow Removal

updated: Monday, December 22, 2014

After a snowfall, snow on residential sidewalks must be removed by the same day if there are six or more hours of daylight following the snowfall or by noon the following day. Sidewalks in front of apartments or commercial buildings must be cleared within four hours once the snow has stopped falling or by the beginning of business hours the next day...

Street Sweeping

updated: Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our mission is to clean city streets to provide safe conditions for all modes of transportation. All city streets are swept twice a year – in the spring and again in the fall. It is important to remember that sweeping grass clippings and leaves into the street is not only bad for our local lakes, creeks and rivers; it is also a violation of...

Traffic Control Request

updated: Monday, January 12, 2015

The city has a policy and procedure in place to address traffic concerns and requests for traffic controls in order to ensure that traffic controls are used appropriately and that residents’ concerns are addressed. Most traffic control requests are handled through a process that may require City Council approval.

Requests may include the following:

  • Stop sign requests
  • Traffic signal requests
  • Parking restrictions
Please contact Aaron Wiesen, Civil Engineer, if you have a specific traffic question, concern or request. Please contact Jeff Stevens, Operations Manager, to report damaged or missing signs, signals or street lights.

Aaron Wiesen | Civil Engineer
City Hall | 5005 Minnetonka Blvd. | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
P: (952) 924-2673 |

Jeff Stevens | Public Works Operations Manager
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford St. | St. Louis Park, MN 55426
P: (952) 928-2853 |

Parking: Year-Round

updated: Thursday, February 19, 2015

48 Hours Only
When snowfall is not a factor, city ordinance prohibits vehicles from being parked on the street for more than 48 consecutive hours. Vehicles parked in the same place for more than 48 hours may be ticketed or towed.

Parking Distance From Driveways And Alleys
No vehicle may be parked within five feet of a public or private driveway or alley.

Parallel Parking
When parallel parking, vehicles must be parked in the direction of traffic and the curbside wheels must be within 12 inches of the curb. Vehicles may not be parked closer than four feet to another parked vehicle.

Angle Parking
Where streets have been signed or marked for angle parking, vehicles must be parked at the angle indicated by the signs or street markings.

Lawns and Curb Areas
No vehicles may be parked or stored in front yard setback areas or on the public right-of-way (the area just behind the curb). All driveways and all areas intended to be utilized for parking spaces shall be constructed of bituminous asphalt, concrete or pavers. Such surfacing shall be approved by the City Engineer and maintained in good repair.

Junk Vehicles
Vehicles that have expired license tabs or are not legally street operable must be removed from the property or stored inside a closed garage - not a carport. Junk vehicles may not be stored outdoors under a tarp, on an open trailer, or on a lawn.

Multiple Vehicles
Any household can park up to three passenger vehicles outside its garage. If there are more than three licensed drivers in the household, up to five passenger vehicles can be parked outside of the garage. However, only one passenger vehicle per licensed driver is allowed.

Neighborhood Speeding/Stop Signs

updated: Friday, February 06, 2015

Neighborhood speeding and rolling stops are two of the top citizen complaints; they are also two of the most difficult problems to address. Posting an officer at an intersection may penalize drivers that day but does not seem to lead to long term change. Complicating the issue is the fact that 70 percent of the violators are not "other people&...


updated: Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In 1933, Carol W. Hurd (who became mayor in 1952) headed a committee to rename St. Louis Park's then erratically named streets. The committee decided on a system of alphabetical north/south streets and numbered east/west streets. The second alphabet uses names from states and Canadian provinces; the third alphabet commemorates historic or patriotic...

Snow and Ice Removal FAQs

updated: Monday, January 05, 2015

A. When there is a large amount of snow present, snow storage in the medians, boulevards and alleys becomes sparse or non-existent in most places in the city. With boulevards generally being no more than four to five feet wide and alleys having 10 feet or less driving area, snow storage space is in short supply. The fallout from this shortage is that...

Winter Parking Permit

updated: Thursday, December 18, 2014

Households that do not have enough space to park at least two vehicles off the street, may apply for a parking permit if they meet one of these criteria:
  • The household has no garage or driveway (no permit fee, limit two permits per household)
  • The household has off-street parking for only one vehicle but owns two vehicles (no permit fee, limit one permit per household)
  • The household has off-street parking for only one vehicle but owns three or more vehicles (one free permit and $125 for one additional permit, limit two permits per household)
  • The household has off-street parking for two vehicles but owns three or more vehicles ($125 per permit, limit two permits per household)
  • The household requires the aid of a licensed caregiver and does not have off-street parking for the caregiver's vehicle ($25 for caregiver's permit; limit of one caregiver permit per household)
To have a permit application mailed to you, call (952) 924-2562 or use the Winter Parking Permit download.
Even if you have a parking permit, you must move your car to a plowed street on the second day of plowing. If you don’t dig out your car and move it to a plowed street, you can be ticketed and towed. When you move your car, don’t park too close to snow left behind by plows when they went around parked cars.

Jeff Stevens | Operations Manager
Municipal Service Center | 7305 Oxford St. | St. Louis Park, MN 55426
P: (952) 928-2853 |

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