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Wolfe Park Neighborhood


Wolfe Park Neighborhood

updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wolfe Park NeighborhoodClick for map

  • North: CP Railroad along Highway 7
  • South: Excelsior Boulevard
  • East: Huntington Avenue and France Avenue
  • West: Highway 100

City Council Ward
The Wolfe Park Neighborhood is in Ward 2. For your council representative's name, go to the St. Louis Park City Council page.

Neighborhood Characteristics

  • Based on acreage, Wolfe Park is the largest neighborhood in St. Louis Park.
  • Excelsior and Grand Commons, St. Louis Park's premier redevelopment project, is located on the south end of the neighborhood.
  • Wolfe Park and Bass Lake are located in their neighborhood.
  • The Wolfe Park neighborhood has high density housing and commercial/industrial uses.
  • The Rec Center and post office are located in this neighborhood.
  • The Wolfe Park neighborhood occupies 385.6 acres (4 blocks residential).
  • Parks & open space - 24.3 percent
  • Commercial/industrial - 39.8 percent
  • Wolfe Park had 1,374 housing units in 2001 (34 townhomes, 204 condominiums, 1,062 apartment units and 74 duplex units).

Upcoming Events 

  • Join us on Wednesday, December 9 for a meeting to discuss the design for our neighborhood sign! 6:30 p.m. in the Wolfe Park Building.

Neighborhood Association Contact

  • The Wolfe Park Neighborhood is starting its Neighborhood Association! Contact Breanna Freedman, Community Liaison, at (952) 924-2184 or for information.

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