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Knollwood SuperTarget team thanked for outstanding volunteer service

Team has cared for two parks and gardens for the past five years.

Post Date:July 28, 2017 12:40 p.m.

TargetVolunteersThe City of St. Louis Park periodically features outstanding volunteers in our community, and this summer, we would like to thank the team at Knollwood Super Target that has been caring for two parks and gardens for the past five years. Each year they show dedication and support to the community, by planting flowers and picking up trash. This allows residents and visitors to enjoy a clean, beautiful park. Read on to learn more about the Knollwood Super Target Team, and their experience with the Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Garden program.
What do you do as volunteers in the Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Garden program?
We meet monthly to clean both Elie and Sunset parks as well as plant the flower beds at both parks in the Spring and weed the beds throughout the season. The Adopt a Park program has been a big win for our store because so many of our team members live in the community so our volunteering directly impacts not only the guests who shop at Target, the residents in the community, but also the team members who work at the Knollwood store..  

Why do you (and your team) volunteer in your community? 
Giving of time is as important as giving a financial donation and goes a long way to help the community achieve their mission. It also provides an opportunity for fun and team building outside of the store! We also like to do volunteer events in the community where team members can bring family members along to help as well and events that a wide range of ages can participate in. Target believes in giving back to our community in many ways and so far this year the Knollwood store has volunteered almost 400 hours in the community! 

What is your favorite part about volunteering in the Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Garden Program? 
Getting to meet the residents in the neighborhood when we are cleaning the parks and planting the flowers. We have had multiple times where a resident will come over and thank us for taking the time to clean the parks. Plus, we always have a fun time bonding over the "treasures" we find when we are cleaning the parks. Like the one year we found all the newspapers tossed under the pine trees.

What do you recommend for other individuals or businesses who are looking to get involved in their community? 
Ask your team members what organizations they are involved in or feel passionate about. We have done a lot of volunteer events in our community that team members have brought to our attention. Reach out to organizations in your community like the library, schools, or the city. I found the Adopt A Park program by looking online for opportunities in the area and it has become one of our favorite volunteer events each year. Small gestures are just as important as large gestures, the important thing is that you find an organization that is important to you and your team where you can have fun giving back!

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