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Mind the water meter when remodeling or siding your home

Post Date:January 25, 2018

Meter Interface UnitRecently, the city has noticed a large number of missed water meter readings due to siding work or basement remodeling in households. When making these improvements, make sure the water meter and meter interface unit (MIU) remain accessible after the work is complete, and that the wiring between the meter and MIU is not damaged. Follow these steps to prevent damage.

  • Don’t put sheetrock over the water meter or MIU wiring in basements. Screws may accidentally pinch or break the wire completely.
  • Don’t cover the MIU with sheetrock.
  • When re-siding your home, don’t cut the MIU wire or throw the MIU away. Replacement MIUs are $100, charged to the homeowner.

We’re here to help. If you’re re-siding your home, contact public works at 952.924.2562 first. Public works staff can remove the MIU and reinstall it after the siding work is complete. The siding company will need to drill a ½” hole where the existing MIU is mounted so the MIU wire can be reconnected and the unit can be mounted in the same location.

Questions? Contact public works at 952.924.2562.

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