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WHNC natural resource management plan

Post Date:January 23, 2019 7:00 a.m.
In December 2017, the city and its partners finalized its natural resources management plan for Westwood Hills Nature Center (WHNC). The multi-year plan aims to identify opportunities for restoring and managing the habitats/ecosystems at WHNC.

Currently, the city is in the middle of removing buckthorn and low-grade trees – Phase III of the plan – to help manage invasive species at WHNC. Invasive species, such as buckthorn, garlic mustard, reed canary grass, oriental bittersweet and leafy spurge are widespread at WHNC. The constant onslaught by these invasive species, along with the steady growth of Siberian elm, Boxelder and Mulberry, has diminished areas of the natural landscape of WHNC. The combination of invasive species and an increase in lower valued vegetation (i.e. Boxelder) has created pockets of impaired wildlife habitat and ecosystems.

After the invasive species removal is complete, the city will be seeding and planting native trees, shrubs and herbaceous species to replace the removed invasive species and lower-valued vegetation.

This project won the 2017 Award of Excellence from the Minnesota Recreation and Park Association for Sponsorship and Partnerships.
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