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Free dollars for outdoor projects: Rainwater Rewards Program

Post Date:April 21, 2017 1:34 p.m.

The City of St. Louis Park Rainwater Rewards Program will provide money and technical assistance to residential property owners who install projects that:

  • Protect and restore stormwater by capturing pollutants in rainwater runoff;
  • Increase the watershed's ability to store water;
  • Preserve and restore native plant and wildlife communities; and/or
  • Protect and preserve groundwater quality and quantity.

Just a few examples of projects that would qualify for the Rainwater Rewards Program include green roofs, pervious pavement, biofiltration and infiltration trenches, rain gardens, rain barrels and tree planting. Note: Trees sold as part of the annual Arbor Day sale are already subsidized and not eligible for this program. 

Residents interested in participating in Rainwater Rewards and willing to implement one or more of these features on their property can get advice on how to do it. The Rainwater Rewards Program offers not only cost share but also help in selecting the best project for the property, finding a designer and builder and planning for future maintenance. 

By encouraging residents to incorporate stormwater management projects on their property, the city hopes to reduce the amount of runoff and pollutants that enter the storm sewer system - and ultimately, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds that are enjoyed by everyone.

The Rainwater Rewards Program is currently only available to residential properties in St. Louis Park. Applications will be accepted year-round until funds are gone. To learn more contact Erick Francis, water resources manager, at or 952.924.2690.