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ParkTV available in HD on Comcast

Post Date:June 12, 2017 8:31 a.m.
ParkTV is now available in high definition (HD) on Comcast channel 859. This means that your favorite ParkTV events can now be seen on Comcast cable TV in high resolution wide screen format, as they are on the CenturyLink Prism TV or ParkTV’s You Tube channel. 

Starting with the city council meeting on June 19, the ParkTV HD channel 859 will simulcast live public meeting coverage from City Hall. The meeting will also be seen in the usual standard definition (SD) location on channel 17.  

ParkTV HD channel 859 will show the best of ParkTV productions, while the other ParkTV channels will continue their existing niches.  For example, council meetings will still replay five days per week on Civic TV channel 17; On Location channel 16 will still specialize in sports and concerts; Community TV channels 15 and 96 will show a wide variety of programs including church services on the weekend; and ParkTV14 will show school board meetings, musical performances and varsity sports.    

Find out what’s playing on ParkTV HD channel 859, along with the schedules for the other ParkTV channels. 

ParkTV program information is also available on the Comcast program guide.  Simply press “guide” or “info” on your Comcast TV remote control to see the description of the current program, and scroll forward to find out about future programming. This makes ParkTV programming easy to record on a DVR. For more information about ParkTV, contact Jacqueline Larson at 952.924.2632.