City ordinance update

December 2017 - The City of St. Louis Park updated chapter 22 (solid waste ordinance) of the city code, which included adding recycling requirements for commercial buildings. View the adopted ordinance (pages 14-16). 

Requirements for businesses

Most commercial buildings are required by the state to recycle. Learn more about recycling at your business on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's website.

St. Louis Park's Zero Waste Packaging Ordinance requires that all licensed food establishments are required by city ordinance to use reusable, returnable, recyclable or compostable food and beverage packaging and provide appropriate recycling and/or organics recycling collection in-house.

City recycling collection 

Small businesses can participate in any of the city’s single-family residential solid waste collection programs, including recycling, organics recycling and garbage, as long the following conditions are met: 

  • Service location is along existing single-family residential collection routes
  • Amount of waste generated can be collected in city-provided carts, not dumpsters

Note: All programs provide up to two 90-gallon carts (two garbage, two recycling, two organics). Additional carts may be requested and are made available at the city's discretion. Additional carts will result in an increase in service fees.

The same rules and collection schedules apply to small businesses as to multi-family and single-family residential. Participation in the program by any business can be terminated at any time by the city.

  • Garbage and organics recycling is collected weekly
  • Recycling is collected every other week

Assistance with setting up or improving recycling programs 

Hennepin County offers technical assistance and grants of up to $50,000 to businesses that need help setting up or improving their recycling programs. Grants can be used for the purchase of containers, equipment purchase and installation, hauling service charges and minor improvements to loading docks and waste enclosures. Strong recycling programs conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, can help a business’s bottom line and demonstrate to customers a commitment to sustainability. Visit Hennepin County's Business Recycling site for more information.


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