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City Charter

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About the Charter Commission

updated: Monday, January 30, 2017

The Charter Commission is citizens' group comprised of 15 members appointed by the Chief Judge of Hennepin County District Court. The Commission's mission is to evaluate and propose changes that are warranted in the City Home Rule Charter as provided by State Statute. The commission also monitors legislative activities on an on-going basis. The commission's 15 members serve on a volunteer basis and a staff liaison provides assistance to record minutes, prepare agendas and perform other ministerial duties. Meetings are held as needed.

Charter Commission Members

updated: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Name Office Held
Maren Anderson  
Jon Beckstrand  
James Brimeyer  
Gary Carlson  
Irving Lynne Carper Chair
James DeLambert  
Terry Dwyer  
David Dyer  
Brian Fiderlein  
Matthew Flory  
Ken Gothberg  
Ronald Jarvi  
Sara Maaske Secretary
David Obray Vice Chair
Henry Solmer  


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