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St. Louis Park City Council

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Agenda for City Council

There is no city council meeting on Monday, May 29 due to Memorial Day and being the fifth week of the month.

Next meeting - Monday, June 5
, 2017
The agenda is available on Friday and outlines the topics that will be discussed at the City Council meeting. Agendas are also displayed on cable television channel 17 and posted at City Hall. If you have any questions about an agenda item, please contact the city clerk at or 952.924.2505. 2017 Council Meeting Dates

7:30 p.m. City Council Meeting

Agenda Summary
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St. Louis Park City Hall
5005 Minnetonka Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

St. Louis Park City Council

updated: Monday, December 19, 2016

St. Louis Park voters elect the mayor and six (two at-large and four ward) City Council members to four-year terms. The mayor and at-large council members represent all residents; the ward council members are primarily responsible for representing their ward constituents Ward Map. During public meetings, these civic leaders make decisions about policies and programs by determining what the community can afford and judging what is best for the community's present and future well-being. To determine which ward council member represents you, visit MyNeighborhood.
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City Council Meetings - TV17 Web Streaming

updated: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The St. Louis Park City Council Chambers was the first in the state of Minnesota to have a hearing loop installed, which assists guests that use hearing aids. Most new hearing aids have a Telecoil or T setting that allows them to hear a public address system very clearly, if a hearing loop is installed. The loop is a copper wire installed underneath...

Mayor Jake Spano

updated: Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Jake Spano, Mayor, St. Louis Park, MN



Phone: 952.922.9114

Jake Spano was elected as Mayor in 2016 after a four-year term as Councilmember At Large B (2012-2016). His day job is as Chief of Staff to Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon. Prior to that, he was the marketing director for the City of St. Paul in Mayor Coleman’s administration and before that he served with U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar overseeing statewide policy and leading her four state offices and staff.

Mayor Spano serves on the Southwest LRT Corridor Management Committee, PLACES Committee and the Executive Committee for the Regional Council of Mayors, and is a member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Prior to his public service, Mayor Spano worked as a project manager and account executive in the architecture, design and construction industry. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Hamline University and his master’s degree from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

His wife, Cate McDonald, is a teacher in the St. Louis Park Public Schools where both of their children attend school. He and his family were adopted by a beagle mix named Derby and so far, the dog is winning at everything.

Term ends: January 2020

2017 Mayor Pro Tem
The St. Louis Park City Council appoints Councilmembers who will serve as Mayor Pro Tem to perform the duties of the Mayor during disability or absence, or, in the case of a vacancy in the office of Mayor, until a successor has been appointed or elected. Since 2014 the City Council has appointed Councilmembers to serve as Mayor Pro Tem for a four-month term on a rotating basis based upon seniority. The 2017 Mayor Pro Tem schedule is:
January-April: Councilmember Tim Brausen, Ward 4
May-August: Councilmember Gregg Lindberg, Ward 3
Sept-December:  Councilmember Thom Miller, At Large B

Steve Hallfin, At-large A

Steve Hallfin, City Council At-large A, St. Louis Park, MN


Phone: 612.987.3282

Councilmember Steve Hallfin has served as At Large A Councilmember since 2012; he was re-elected to a second term that started in 2016. Born and raised in St. Louis Park, Councilmember Hallfin has been a resident since 1967. He is a U.S. Army veteran and has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Mankato State University.
While his son was growing up, Councilmember Hallfin was very involved in St. Louis Park youth sports, serving as president of both St. Louis Park Little League and the St. Louis Park Baseball Association. Prior to running for City Council, he served on the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission. 
In addition to his City Council duties, Councilmember Hallfin serves on the board of directors of the St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP). In his free time he enjoys as much golf as possible, as well as vegetable gardening during the growing season.
Term ends: January 2020

Thom Miller, At-large B

updated: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thom Miller, At-Large B City Council, St. Louis Park, MN

Councilmember Thom Miller has served as At Large B Councilmember since 2016. Born and raised in East St. Paul, Councilmember Miller and his family were drawn to St. Louis Park in 2000 for numerous reasons, including the neighborhood associations, the great schools, and the diverse population. He joined the Birchwood Neighborhood Association right away and served as block captain for many years.

Always interested in public policy, Councilmember Miller helped to found Safety in the Park, a grassroots organization that worked to prevent the rerouting of heavy freight trains to St. Louis Park. He enjoyed working with numerous St. Louis Park residents in their successful nearly five-year effort, and eventually decided to continue his community efforts by running for city council. 
A graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Councilmember Miller works as a national sales director for a global housewares product-design company. In his free time, Thom spends time with his wife and children, volunteers at his church, mountain bikes, plays the drums, and loves hanging out with his Birchwood neighbors.

Term ends: January 2020

Ward 1, Susan Sanger

Susan Sanger, City Council Ward 1, St. Louis Park, MN


Phone: 952.926.4192

Councilmember Susan Sanger has served as Ward 1 Councilmember since 1996. Sue grew up in New York and Washington, DC, and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Maryland. After moving to Minnesota in the 1970’s, she attended William Mitchell College of Law and began her career as an employment/labor law attorney at General Mills.
Before she was even eligible to vote, Councilmember Sanger began her political involvement by volunteering on Lyndon Johnson’s presidential campaign. She moved to St. Louis Park in 1984 and resumed her political activities, working on several state and local candidates’ campaigns and serving as a member of several St. Louis Park boards and commissions. In 1995 she was appointed to fill a mid-term vacancy on the City Council, and subsequently won six re-election campaigns. 
Since 2011 she has served as a member of the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) of the Metropolitan Council. She has also volunteered and/or served as a member of the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations. She lives with Henry and with Josie, a springer spaniel, in the Fern Hill neighborhood.

Term ends: January 2018
Ward Map

Ward 2, Anne Mavity

Anne Mavity, City Council Ward 2, St. Louis Park, MN


Phone: 952.913.1108

Councilmember Anne Mavity has served as Ward 2 Councilmember since 2010. She has worked for decades to create policies, resources and the public will to increase housing opportunities; to support services for those in need; and to align systems, strengthen communities and improve lives.

As director of new projects for Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, Councilmember Mavity leads a staff team to develop affordable housing, create partnerships with social service agencies, organize congregations to create public will and support, and advocate for greater investment in affordable housing. Prior to working at Beacon, she had a successful consulting business facilitating multi-sector collaborations and community engagement to create policies and programs to respond to urgent community needs.
Her expertise in housing and community development includes work for the Corporation for Supportive Housing, in the U.S. Congress on the Housing and Community Development Subcommittee, and as an executive director for a local neighborhood organization. Her community and civic engagement experience includes working as Chief of Unit on Civil Society for USAID’s Moscow office in the mid-1990s, managing U.S foreign assistance programs.
Councilmember Mavity earned a master of public policy degree with an emphasis in statistics and economic analysis from Georgetown University and a bachelor of arts degree from Lawrence University with a double major in Slavic languages and literature, and government.

Term ends: January 2018

Ward Map

Ward 3, Gregg Lindberg

updated: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Gregg Lindberg - City Council Ward 3 - St Louis Park, MN  


Phone: 952.562.2899

Councilmember Gregg Lindberg has served as Ward 3 Councilmember since 2014.

In his day job, Councilmember Lindberg is human resource manager for Three Rivers Park District, a natural-resources based park system that manages nearly 27,000 acres of park reserves, regional parks and trails and special-use facilities across the metro area. He also is an adjunct professor in leadership and human resource management at Bethel University and in public administration at Hamline University.
Over the years, Councilmember Lindberg has served on the board of Parktacular and on the Community Education Advisory Council, and has been a neighborhood organizer. Since 2016 he’s served as treasurer of the city’s Economic Development Authority. 
From Bethel University, Councilmember Lindberg holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, human resource management and leadership, and a master’s degree in organization leadership. He has also earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Hamline University.
Councilmember Lindberg grew up in St. Louis Park and currently lives in the Texa-Tonka neighborhood with his wife Amy, two kiddos and the family pup, Cooper.

Term ends: January 2018
Ward Map

Ward 4, Tim Brausen

updated: Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Tim Brausen - City Council Ward 4 - St. Louis Park, MN


Phone: 952.451.8492

Councilmember Tim Brausen has served as Ward 4 Councilmember since 2014 and has been a resident of St. Louis Park since 1983. Working as a self-employed private practice attorney and part-time daycare provider to two grandchildren occupies much of his time when he’s not working for the residents of Ward 4.
Councilmember Brausen works vigorously on issues of affordable housing, environmental sustainability, racial equity and community building. In addition, he wants St. Louis Park residents to continue to receive high-quality services in return for their tax dollars. He believes changes will occur regardless of our actions, so we need to work to ensure that change benefits as many of our residents as possible while protecting individual rights.
In addition to volunteer activities, in his free time Councilmember Brausen enjoys sports, plays basketball, gardens, bicycles, listens to live music and chases those grandchildren.
Term ends: January 2018

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