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Comprehensive Plan

updated: Friday, April 21, 2017

The City of St. Louis Park adopted its first Comprehensive Plan in 1968. Since that time, there have been numerous amendments and refinements to the plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is the city's official statement used to guide development, redevelopment, and preservation of the city by setting forth policies, plans and programs governing land use, public facilities, economic development and urban form. The plan also includes details about the city's environmental resources and individual plans for each of the city's 35 neighborhoods. The Comprehensive Plan is adopted by the City Council and requires, by state statute, review by the Metropolitan Council for conformity with the regional development plan.

Using the guidance provided by the Comprehensive Plan, the City Council adopts zoning standards and classifications for individual areas of the city. Links to the 2030 Comprehensive Plan chapters are provided below.

St. Louis Park Plan by Neighborhood - Neighborhood Input Report - July 2009

Comprehensive Planning 2030



Comprehensive Plan 2030 Land Use Map Download
Comprehensive Plan Cover Download
Comprehensive Plan Table of Contents Download
I. Vision St. Louis Park Download
II. Comprehensive Planning Download
III. Who We Are - Demographics Download
IV. Why We are a Livable Community
A. Planning Context Download
B. Land Use Plan Download
C. Redevelopment Plan Download
D. Housing Plan Download 
E. Historic Preservation Download
F. Plan By Neighborhood Download
V. Connecting Our Community - Transportation  
A. Highways and Streets Download
B. Transit Download
C. Bicycles and Pedestrians Download
D. Freight Rail Download
E.  Aviation Download
VI. Where We Gather
A. Parks and Open Space Download
VII. Environmental Stewardship
A. Environmental Resources Download
B. Public Health Download
C. Water Download
D. Solid Waste Download
E. Sanitary Sewer Download
F. Surface Water Download
G. Other Utilities Download
VIII. How We Govern
A. City Organization Download
B. Public Safety Download

IX. Plan Implementation

A. Water Supply Plan Download
B. Inflow and Infiltration Study Download
C. Surface Water Management Plan Download
D. Capital Improvements Plan Download


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