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Engineering Standards

updated: Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Engineering Standard Plates are now available online for download. Standard Plates are detailed drawings for contractors to use when preparing plans and specifications for public improvements in or under the public right-of-way and public easements. Detail plates are updated on an annual basis.

Asbuilt Requirements
Asbuilt Requirements

2017 Detail Plate Index

Sanitary Sewer
S-1 Service Connections
S-2 Sanitary Manhole
S-3 Outside Drop Manhole
S-4 Manhole Cover
S-5 Reconstruct Sanitary Sewer Structure
S-6 Adjust Frame and Ring Casting Special

W-1 Service Connections
W-2 Hydrant
W-3 Gate Valve
W-4 Water Main Insulation
W-5 Mod Gate Valve Manhole

Storm Sewer
SS-1 Manhole Cover
SS-2 Type B Catch Basin
SS-3 Type C MH-CB
SS-4 Flared End Section

ST-1 Residential Driveway
ST-2 Commercial Driveway
ST-3 Valley Gutter
ST-4 Saw & Seal
ST-5 Street Section
ST-6 Bituminous Trail
ST-7 Single Lane Road Section Repair
ST-8 Multi-Lane Road Section Repair
ST-9 Sidewalk
ST-10 Light Pole
ST-11 Led Luminaire and Mounting Plate
ST-12 Alley

M-1 Sign Installation
M-2 Service Tie Card

Erosion and Sediment Control
ESC-1 Silt Fence-Machine Sliced
ESC-2 Silt Fence-Preassembled
ESC-3 Bio-Log
ESC-4 Mulch Berm
ESC-5 Construction Entrance
ESC-6 Inlet Protection-Metal
ESC-7 Inlet Protection-Fabric
ESC-8 Inlet Protection-Riser
ESC-9 Inlet Protection-Rock Log
ESC-10 Sod Installation
ESC-11 Erosion Control Blanket Installation

2017 Specifications
200 General Conditions
300 Watermain
400 Sanitary Sewer
500 Storm Sewer
600 Trench Excavation
700 Bituminous
800 Concrete
900 Turf Establishment
910 Landscaping
1000 Environmental Compliance
1100 Fiber
2013 CEAM Specification

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