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St. Louis Park operates under the Council/Manager form of government. An elected City Council sets the policy and overall direction for St. Louis Park. Then city workers, under the direction of a professional city manager carry out council decisions and provide day-to-day city services. The city manager is accountable to the City Council.

St. Louis Park is a home rule charter city. Minnesota has two basic types of cities — home rule and statutory — which influence cities' organization and powers. The difference is the type of enabling legislation from which the municipality gains its authority. Home rule cities obtain their powers from a locally enacted home rule charter, which is essentially a city constitution. Statutory cities get their powers from Chapter 412 of Minnesota Statutes.

Home rule charter cities can exercise any powers in their locally adopted charters as long as there's no conflict with state law. Conversely, charter provisions can specifically restrict the powers of a city. Consequently, voters in home rule cities have more control over their city's powers.