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Council Member Tim Brausen has served as Ward 4 council member since 2014 and has been a resident of St. Louis Park since 1983. Working as a self-employed private practice attorney and part-time daycare provider to two grandchildren occupies much of his time when he’s not working for the residents of Ward 4.

Brausen works vigorously on issues of affordable housing, environmental sustainability, racial equity and community building. In addition, he wants St. Louis Park residents to continue to receive high-quality services in return for their tax dollars. He believes changes will occur regardless of our actions, so we need to work to ensure that change benefits as many of our residents as possible while protecting individual rights.

In addition to volunteer activities, in his free time Brausen enjoys sports, plays basketball, gardens, bicycles, listens to live music and chases those grandchildren.


Term ends: January 2022