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The assessing division is responsible for estimating market values and determining the classification of property in the City of St. Louis Park for tax purposes. City appraisers follow standards that are put in place by Minnesota state laws.

Taxable market values

Minnesota law requires that the assessed value of your home reflect its market value — the price a buyer would typically pay for your home in today's real estate market. Assessors set your home's value by comparing what similar homes in your neighborhood actually sold for in the last year. For questions about your home's assessed value, call the assessing division.

Appeal your home’s value

If you disagree with your estimated market value, you have the right to appeal it. However, we recommend that you first call the St. Louis Park City Assessor’s Office. Often questions and issues can be resolved at the local level. If you still have concerns, go to Hennepin County’s website for information about filing an appeal.

Your value notice lays out the various options for appeal. If you have questions or disagree with the classification or estimated market value for the 2020 assessment, contact the assessor’s office at 952.924.2535. St. Louis Park’s Local Board of Appeal & Equalization will be held on April 13 as scheduled. In accordance with a local emergency declaration issued by the city council, in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the meeting will be conducted through videoconference. The meeting agenda for April 13 will include instructions to the public about how to monitor the meeting by video and audio.

Important: If you are unable to participate during the meeting on April 13 – simply call the assessing office (952.924.2535) to request to be added to the board roster. Appeals will be considered by the board at the reconvene meeting on April 27, 2020.

Property taxes

If you have questions about your property taxes — how to pay them, how to find tax information on a specific property, how property taxes are calculated, etc. — go to property taxes page or view the property tax video below.

Homestead filing

The assessing division also processes and maintains homestead applications. If you own your home and it’s your primary place of residence, you may qualify for the Homestead Tax Credit, a large property tax savings. Visit the homestead filing page for more information, including how to know if you qualify, how to apply and how to renew your homestead status.

Special assessments

The city uses special assessments to finance different types of local improvements and to recover cost of services, unpaid charges and fines. Visit the special assessment page to learn more.