7627 North Street - Variance

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7627 North Street - Variance

Project background

A variance application was received to construct a detached garage in the front yard of the property located at 7627 North Street. 

Public meetings

The Board of Zoning Appeals met on June 19, 2019 to hear the application. No comments were received at the public hearing, and the BOZA approved the variance request with the following conditions:

1. The garage shall be constructed in accordance to the following exhibits:
     a. Exhibit A – Survey showing location of the proposed garage
     b. Exhibit B – Building elevations showing the size and height of the garage.
2. Windows shall be installed on the wall of the detached garage facing North Street.
3. Vehicular access to the garage (overhead garage doors) shall face the alley and be accessed by a driveway from the alley.
4. The detached garage shall not be expanded or added onto unless this variance is amended to reflect the proposed change.
5. The variance is automatically revoked and canceled if construction of the proposed garage is not substantially completed within two years as outlined in city code section 36-38(a)(9).

Next Step

A building permit is currently under review. It is expected that it will be issued the week of July 1, 2019.

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