Bass Lake Preserve

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Current projects

Northeast Best Management Practice (BMP) Project

April 29, 2019 

Work on the swale is ongoing with mowing and over seeding spring 2019 to support the growth of native vegetation.

The city is developing a tree restoration plan that will be implemented once the vegetation is healthy enough to be mowed regularly, which will help with the management of invasive vegetation, such as Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard.

Contact: Erick Francis, water resources manager,

History of Bass Lake

Bass Lake was an 80-acre lake until 1908 when the excavation of County Ditch 14 effectively drained the lake. Additionally, Bass Lake shrank in size and depth due to its use as a landfill from the early 1900s up to the 1960s. Beginning in 1969, the city implemented an anti-dumping order, designated the area as a park preserve, and began developing plans to restore the lake. For more information, see the historical aerial photos of Bass Lake Preserve and a brief history of Bass Lake from the St. Louis Park Historical Society. 

Previous stormwater studies completed for Bass Lake and the surrounding watershed

The city is always looking for innovative ways to manage stormwater and improve water quality, especially in the Bass Lake Preserve watershed. The following studies have been developed to assist St. Louis Park in managing stormwater in a fully developed city: