Municipal State Aid Project — Texas Avenue

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Latest updates

June 14, 2018

The sod installation is complete on Texas Avenue from Minnetonka Boulevard to 35th Street. The 30-day warranty period for new sod starts June 14. On July 14, 2018 the sod warranty will expire.

After the warranty expires, the sod maintenance and any replacement will be the homeowner's responsibility.

The contractor will be watering the new sod for the first 30 days. They typically use a tanker truck with a nozzle to keep the sod moist. Residents are encouraged to also water the sod to keep it looking it's best, especially through hot and dry periods.

Parking along Texas Avenue
The contractor has requested that parking be restricted on Texas Avenue from 7 to 10 a.m. The reason for the restriction is so the water truck can access all areas of the new sod. Please park on side streets or in your driveway between 7 and 10 a.m.

Water your new sod
New sod needs about two inches of water a week until the roots are established. If you can pull up the edge of the sod with little or no effort, continue watering two inches per week. If the edge does not come up, the roots are established.

After the roots are established, new sod needs a minimum of one inch of water each week to keep it healthy. To check if you are watering enough, place a shallow container under the sprinkler while watering and measure the water depth. Water more heavily and less frequently to promote root growth.

Don't mow too often or too short

  • Mow your new sod at your mower's highest setting for the first few cuttings. It's always a good idea to cut off no more than 30 percent of the length at any one time. Keeping your lawn longer (about three inches) will help block weeds, conserve moisture and aid in the breakdown of thatch.
  • Maintain your mower. A sharp mower blade makes a clean cut that heals faster and reduces stress on your lawn.
  • Mow in a different direction each time to prevent permanent tracks and bare spots.

May 17, 2018

The contractor will return to Texas Avenue next week to finish the project. The remaining items are punch list items and restoration. Please let Mike Kriesel know about any new items that were noticed now that spring is here so he can add them to the punch list.

The concrete contractor will complete their punch list items before any restoration work will take place. When they are finished, dead sod will be replaced. Boulevard trees will be planted in the next few weeks.

December 2017

Texas Avenue opened Nov. 10, 2017. As with many road projects, punch list items still may exist after completion. Staff will work with the contractor this spring to correct any remaining issues. Please contact Mike Kriesel about any issues you have so they can be added to the punch list.

For residents who had shrubs removed during this project, the replacement shrubs will not be planted until spring. The shrubs will have a better chance of survival if we wait until spring to plant them.

The boulevard trees and remaining bike lane symbols will also be installed this spring.

Project background

Texas Avenue, between Minnetonka Boulevard and West 36th Street, was closed from April to November 2017. This closure was required for reconstruction of CenterPoint Energy's 24-inch gas main. After CenterPoint Energy completed enough of its work to allow space for the city's contractor, the city began reconstruction of Texas Avenue.

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