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Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - 2019

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Each year, the city of St. Louis Park completes a sewer rehabilitation project. The location of this project varies as it is determined by the condition of sewer pipes throughout the city.

The rehabilitation is done using a non-destructive procedure called Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP). This pipe lining process is completed without digging, and the activities are completed within the street between manholes.

The lining process takes approximately four hours and will not require any road closures or detours. However, residents are asked to be conservative with water usage during this time by not using washers or dishwashing machines.

For more information on CIPP, view the short video below.

The City of St. Louis Park will send notices to residents who live near repair locations. The contractor will also notify residents who live along the pipelines a week ahead of the scheduled work.

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