Texas Avenue South and Division Street Improvements

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Latest updates

A phased construction schedule has been proposed by S.M. Hentges as shown in the phasing map. The following is an overview of the upcoming project schedule.

Work scheduled for the week of May 6 – 10
  • Concrete driveway, sidewalk and curb repairs will begin on Monday, May 6 throughout the project area.
    • The project team has marked concrete areas in pink paint that will be removed and replaced by the contractor. There are some concrete driveway panels that need to be replaced, and a notice will be given to individual properties that their driveway will be getting replaced and they will need to park on the street to allow the concrete to fully cure. Driveway access will be restored once the curing process has been completed, usually 5 - 7 days.
  • Other miscellaneous cleanup items will occur throughout the project area.

Remaining work

  • Concrete alley repairs behind Lake Street Northeast. Residents off of the Lake Street alley will be notified separately at a later date.
  • Turf restoration will be finished throughout the project area by the end of the month.
    • The project team has identified certain areas that need to get fixed by the contractor regarding sod issues. Residents should contact Josh Hrabe at 612.965.2473 to report their concerns with their yards by May 15. Once the contractor has addressed sod issues, there will be a 30-day warranty in which the contractor will water and maintain sod. After the 30-day warranty, the sod becomes the responsibility of the property owner/tenant to maintain. A notice will be given to residents regarding the end date of the warranty.
  • Cleanup work will wrap up by the end of the month.
  • Striping on some of the roads is scheduled to occur by the end of the month.

Should property owners have any questions about this information or the project in general, please contact Josh Hrabe at 612.965.2473.

May 2018

Currently, some residents are signed up to receive email construction updates from St. Louis Park and the City of Hopkins, which has created some confusion. To make the project updates clearer, we have decided to combine emailing lists, and all new construction updates will be sent through the City of Hopkins' consultant, Bolton & Menk, website. St. Louis Park staff will be adding anyone who is currently signed up to receive updates to Hopkins' email list.

Project updates can also be found on Hopkins' 2018 Street and Utility Improvements Project page.

Please contact Joe Shamla with any questions.

Project background

During summer 2018, the City of St. Louis Park will be partnering with the City of Hopkins to make street and utility improvements along Texas Avenue South and Division Street. The City of St. Louis Park is currently reviewing the existing utilities to determine if they need to be replaced. If you are having issues with your sewer or water service or have drainage issues, please contact us.

The east side of Texas Avenue is owned by the City of St. Louis Park. At the Feb. 6, 2017 St. Louis Park City Council meeting, bike lanes were approved in the city. The new bike lane will provide a connection to the bike lanes north of Highway 7 on Texas Avenue, as well as to the regional trail south of Texas Avenue by the end of 2018. The bike lanes will be installed after the final layers of pavement are completed in 2018. The City of St. Louis Park is working with the City of Hopkins to determine if a bike facility will be placed on the Hopkins side of Texas Avenue.

A sidewalk is proposed along Texas Avenue. The proposed sidewalk will be on both sides of the road between Highway 7 and Division Street. Sidewalk is also proposed on the east side of Texas Avenue from Division Street to Lake Street. There is no sidewalk proposed for Division Street. A public process will occur with the proposed sidewalk as a way of gathering feedback on this proposal.

The proposed improvements in St. Louis Park are proposed to be paid for using city funds; there are no proposed assessments to St. Louis Park property owners for this project.

Important dates

  • Nov. 14, 2017 — Public open house for staff to present an informational presentation and answer any questions.
  • Dec. 18, 2017 — Public hearing for residents to present comments and/or concerns to city council. Council voted to give staff direction on the preferred layout.
  • March 5, 2018 — City council approval of final plans and specifications.
  • May 17, 2018 — An open house was held at City Hall to discuss the project and answer questions.

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