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Wetland Management Plan

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Wetlands are important resources to a community as they provide critical habitat for many types of animals and plants, act to improve water quality and provide water quality control by storing water during storm events. Additionally, wetlands provide aesthetic value, nature observation areas, and areas for education and scientific research.

Because of the importance of wetlands and the role they play within a community, they must be considered during development review and city-wide planning in order to balance protection for these wetlands and development and growth of the city.

Wetland Management Plan provides the guidelines for the wetland management and assistance with Wetland Conservation Act. By evaluating the function and values of wetlands, the city can more effectively evaluate the impact of redevelopment on the resource and the potential for restoration of wetland functions and values.

The city is in the process of updating its Wetland Management Plan, which was originally developed in 2001. The new plan will review the existing wetlands within the city and update any changes, gather information of current wetland delineations and update the document to conform with current wetland rules.

The updated Wetland Management Plan is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2019.