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Erosion and Sediment Control Permit

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When is a permit required?

Erosion and sediment control (ESC) permits are required for projects that:

  • Disturb an area of 5,000 square feet or more
  • Demolish an existing structure
  • Excavate 50 cubic yards of soil or more
  • Stockpiling of soils or other materials
  • Land disturbing activities taking place within 100 feet of a lake, pond or wetland

A permit is not needed for soil disturbance due to emergency activities, smaller landscaping projects or gardening.

How to apply

Complete the ESC permit application package. Include a site plan based on the city erosion control plan requirements.

Submit the completed application to the engineering department, along with the application fee (residential projects - $300, commercial projects - $700).

Note: Damage deposits are also required at the time your application is submitted. For more information about damage deposits, view the engineering FAQs.

To avoid delays, contractors and developers are advised to check with the city, local watersheds and other regulatory agencies to determine if your project requires additional permits.

Approval process

The inspections department will process your application and fee. The engineering department will review your plans for compliance with erosion and sediment control guidelines and will ask for further information or provide project approval within two weeks.

Before construction can begin, the site will be inspected by the city to determine that the erosion and sediment control measures shown on the plan have been installed accordingly.


Erick Francis, water resources manager