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Accomplishing the goals of the Climate Action Plan requires the participation of citizens, businesses, and organizations throughout the community. The city has a number of resources that residents, businesses and nonprofits can use to reduce energy use and support renewable energy projects.

Tips to participate in the Climate Action Plan

How can I participate in my home?

The Environment and Sustainability Commission created a guide on how to participate and support the Climate Action Plan at home. Below are a few things you can do now to help:

  • Install LED bulbs and a smart or programmable thermostat
  • Choose alternative transportation such public transit or RideSharing
  • Participate in the city’s organics program
  • Donate clothes and used goods through Simple Recycling Program
  • Collect rain barrels for watering or add a rain garden

View the entire how can I participate in my home guide for more tips and information.

The city has also created a Ready and Resilient Guide that provides residents with information on how climate change can affect the community and tips to be ready and resilient.

Home Energy Guide

In 2018, The Minnesota Department of Commerce published a Home Energy Guide that provides steps to decrease energy use and achieve energy efficiency. The guide offers practical tips that range from simple behavior changes to larger energy-related investments.

Programs and rebates

Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy rebates and programs

Xcel and CenterPoint Energy offer a variety of rebate options for homeowners, including rebates for heating and cooling and appliances.

Windsource® program

Xcel energy allows customers to pay a little extra every month to get some or all of their energy from renewable resources.

Home Energy Squad Program

For $50, a team of trusted energy consultants will come to your home, identify energy inefficiencies and install materials to help you start saving.

City of St. Louis Park energy efficient rebates

The city matches 50 percent of utility rebates for energy efficient furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners, in addition to air sealing and insulation. Thermostats are not eligible for a city rebate. Mail a copy of the utility rebate you received within one year of the rebate check date to the St. Louis Park Community Development Department, and a city rebate check will be mailed to you. Contact Marney Olson at 952.924.2196 for more information.

Home energy loan program

The Center for Energy and Environment offers low-interest home energy loans for homeowners to make energy improvements. 

Remodeling advisor services

The city partners with the Center for Energy and Environment to make remodeling advisor services available to St. Louis Park homeowners. 

Solar opportunities

solar suitability mapSolar suitability assessment map

The city has collaborated with Great Plains Institute to create a map to help homeowners, businesses and schools determine their property’s solar photovoltaic (PV) system potential. This interactive map allows you to click on any property in St. Louis Park for information the recommended size and predicted output of a solar energy system based on analysis of shading, roof pitch and size.

Solar financing

The Center for Energy and Environment offers low-interest loans for homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes using photovoltaic (PV) solar technology.

Solar Twin Cities 2.0 group by program

Take advantage of low solar pricing through the limited-time Solar Twin Cities 2.0 group buy program. View the Solar Power Hour information session presentation to learn more.

Installation requirements


Electric vehicles 

Xcel Energy provides resources on learning the basics of having an electric vehicle and how to charge. A quiz is also available to help determine what model of electric vehicle model would best fit your lifestyle.