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The St. Louis Park Finance Division employs accountants, billing clerks and support staff. It is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the short- and long-term financial stability of the city by maintaining financial records, managing a $65 million investment portfolio and addressing risk management issues.
  • City budget
  • Processing payroll and vendor claims.
  • Utility billing — Billing 13,500 utility customers for water/sewer and refuse collection services.
  • Annual financial reports

Financial transparency dashboard

The city has created a financial transparency dashboard in an effort to increase engagement with residents and provide users with an easy-to-understand, interactive financial tool. The dashboard allows users to see visual breakdowns of St. Louis Park’s finances, as well as insights into the city’s demographics and population.

View the financial transparency dashboard. We recommend viewing the dashboard in Google Chrome for best results.

Note: The ClearGov financial transparency dashboard follows the city’s social media policy for commenting. 

Bond rating

In October 2019, independent bond-rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) affirmed their AAA credit rating — the highest bond rating — for the City of St. Louis Park. St. Louis Park is one of 26 Minnesota cities with the AAA rating from S&P.

Standard & Poor's rating report reflects the agencies’ view of the many factors that contribute to St. Louis Park’s high rating, including a very strong economy; management; liquidity; budgetary flexibility; and strong budgetary performance, debt and contingent liability position. 

    The highest bond rating helps to ensure that future St. Louis Park debt will be issued at the lowest possible interest expense and cost to the tax payers. The rating also provides opportunities to refinance outstanding debt at lower interest rates.