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Lockbox Program

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LockboxThe St. Louis Park Fire Department is offering a new lockbox program to any resident in the city who may have concerns that in case of emergency, they may not be able to reach the door to let in first responders. Upon request, a secure lockbox is provided and placed at the entrance door of the resident's home. A key to the home is placed within the lockbox, which can only be accessed by special key carried by police and fire personnel. If someone calls for help and no one is there to meet them, firefighters or police officers can open the door with the key inside the lockbox instead of forcing the door open and causing damage and additional cost.

The lockboxes are offered to St. Louis Park residents for a one-time fee of $50, which covers administration of the program for as long as the resident requires it. The lockbox installs easily and holds one key.

If a resident moves or no longer requires the lockbox, it can be returned to the fire department. If you have changed your locks and need to update the key, contact the fire department.

View the lockbox information video for more information and to see how the lockboxes are installed. 


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