The City of St. Louis Park works with a variety of partners to provide residents with safe and affordable rental opportunities, home ownership options and innovative housing programs. Visit the following pages to learn about remodeling incentives, home ownership assistance programs, rehabilitated properties, rental assistance and public housing options.

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Rental Study Survey

The St. Louis Park Housing Authority (SLPHA) is a citizen group that provides guidance to City Council on housing-related matters. Every year they conduct a survey of all rental units in the city and then publish the results as a rental study report. The purpose of the report is to:

  • Examine the cost of rental housing in St. Louis Park.
  • Compare rent and vacancy trends from year to year.
  • Determine the fairness of rental rates in proposed leases and contracts within the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, a rental assistance program administered by the SLPHA.

Residents, property owners and the general public are welcome to view the results of last year's survey. Learn about average rental rates and vacancy rates in the city. 

View the 2015 Study