The City of St. Louis Park recognizes that providing housing options and programs that accommodate the needs of people of all ages and diverse backgrounds helps to build a strong community and sense of ownership. The city’s housing division works with a variety of partners to provide residents with safe and affordable rental assistance programs, home ownership incentives and home remodeling options. The division also has a variety of resources for landlords.

St. Louis Park Housing Authority

The St. Louis Park Housing Authority (HA) is responsible for administering programs that ensure the availability of safe and desirable affordable housing options in the community. These rental assistance programs include the Public HousingHousing Choice Voucher, Continuum of Care, Stable HOME, Kids in the Park and Family Self Sufficiency

The housing authority also provides guidance to city council on housing-related matters. Every year, they conduct a survey of all rental units within the city and publish the results as a rental study report. The purpose of the report is to:

  • Examine the cost of rental housing in St. Louis Park.
  • Compare rent and vacancy trends from year to year.
  • Determine the fairness of rental rates in proposed leases and contracts within the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program.

Residents, property owners and the general public are welcome to view the 2017 rental study.

Comprehensive Housing Market Study Update for City of St. Louis Park

2018 rental survey

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Housing Authority Board

The Housing Authority Board oversees the administration of the city's low and moderate-income housing programs. The commission adopted the PHA 5 - Year and Annual Plan, which identifies the housing authority's goals and objectives to serve the needs of low-income families for the next five years and reports the progress made on meeting the goals and objectives from the previous five-year plan.