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Affordable Rentals

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The City of St. Louis Park is committed to promoting quality multifamily development and affordable housing options for low- and moderate-income households.

Inclusionary Housing Policy: Affordable rental units

In an effort to promote the creation of affordable housing in new multifamily residential developments, the city council adopted the Inclusionary Housing Policy in June 2015, and most recently amended in 2019. The policy requires the inclusion of affordable housing units in new, market rate multi-unit residential developments receiving financial assistance from the city. The inclusionary housing program guide is a tool designed to assist owners with compliance with the inclusionary housing policy.

Since the policy was adopted, the following multifamily rental buildings have been constructed and include affordable units at 50 percent and 60 percent of the area medium income (AMI). For information on availability, please contact the development directly.

  • The Shoreham, 3030 France Ave. S. — 30 affordable units at 50 percent AMI
  • 4800 Excelsior, 4800 Excelsior Blvd. — 18 affordable units at 60 percent AMI
  • Central Park West, 1511 Utica Ave. S. — 6 affordable units at 60 percent AMI
  • Elmwood, 5605 W. 36th St. — 17 units at 60 percent AMI

Tenant protection ordinance

In April 2018, the St. Louis Park City Council adopted an ordinance enacting a tenant protection period following the sale of an affordable housing building. The goal is to protect lower-income tenants in the city.

The ordinance was recommended by a city-convened workgroup advocating for the preservation of naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH). NOAH properties are rental buildings where at least 18 percent of the units have rents that are affordable to households with incomes at or below 60 percent area median income (AMI). The 18 percent mirrors the percent of affordable housing units required at 60 percent AMI by the city’s Inclusionary Housing Policy.

Under the ordinance, new owners of affordable housing buildings would be required to pay relocation benefits to tenants if the owner increases the rent, re-screens existing residents or implements non-renewals of leases without cause within a three-month period following the ownership transfer of the property and the tenant chooses to move due to these actions.  

The relocation benefits (rounded) by apartment size:

Studio One-bedroom  Two-bedroom  Three-bedroom 
2,710 3,050  3,680  4,270 

The ordinance went into effect July 1, 2018.  The tenant protection ordinance packet outlines the requirements of the ordinance and provides resources to help owners and property managers understand the ordinance.

St. Louis Park is the first city in the state to adopt such an ordinance.