Brian HoffmanThe Inspections Department employs 19 full-time staff members, including inspectors with specialties in building, housing and health codes, as well as service counter technicians and administrators. This department is responsible for:

  • Issuing permits for construction.
  • Inspecting new construction and remodeling projects for compliance with building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical system standards in Minnesota State Building Code.
  • Inspecting homes and commercial buildings prior to sale to ensure property in St. Louis Park is in good condition.
  • Licensing dogs, tobacco sales and mechanical contractors.
  • Enforcing sections of the City Code related to nuisances and zoning.
  • Inspecting the city’s 8,000 multi-family rental units and 900 one- and two-family non-owner occupied units twice a year.

Permits and Licenses

Looking for information about permits or licenses? Go to the Permits page or Licenses page.


Inspections Department
Second Floor, City Hall
Open Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.