St. Louis Park extends temporary nighttime curfew through June 5. Learn more.

Beautify the Park

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Interested in helping beatify the park? We have a variety of events this spring to for you to participate in.

Adopt-a-park or garden

Contribute to the beauty of St. Louis Park by volunteering to monitor your neighborhood park or garden. Adopt-a-park or garden volunteers can choose to plant, maintain the annual garden and/or patrol their park each week during the summer, keep the park litter-free, and report any vandalism or needed repairs. Adopt the park or garden of your choice (provided it has not already been adopted).

For more information or to volunteer, email View the adopt-a-park map.

Community cleanups

Leaves and grass clippings that fall onto your street are a serious pollutant for our local waters. When they are washed down storm sewers, they are carried to local lakes and rivers, untreated and unfiltered. Once in the water, organic debris releases phosphorus. This fuels noxious algae blooms that degrade water quality and harm lake and river ecosystems and aquatic life. Residents can help prevent this water pollution. Here’s how: 

  • Rake leaves and other debris from the curb in front of your home, and clear the nearest storm drain.
  • Never rake leaves into the street. You may compost this material or bag the leaves and set them at the curb for the city’s recycling service to pick up.
  • Involve your neighbors. If you’d like to organize a block-wide cleanup, go to the Freshwater Society's website for more information or to get your community cleanups for water quality toolkit. It’s easy, cheap and a fun neighborly way to help local lakes and rivers. 

Donate a tree to a park

Annually, Friends of the Parks and Trails of St. Paul and Ramsey County offers trees for sale to donate to parks. The nonprofit organization partners with over 20 cities in the metropolitan area to facilitate donations to parks. Trees cost $150 and will be planted each spring by city staff. 

If you are interested in donating a tree, complete the online gift tribute tree form by April 19, 2019. Make sure the select “St. Louis Park” in the field “Where do you want your tree planted?”

Note: This donation is different than the city’s commemorative tree donation, which is year-round.

Memorials and commemorations tree and bench donation

The City of St. Louis Park welcomes the donations of trees and park benches. These generous donations grace our parks and public areas for decades, while providing organizations, families and individuals with a unique opportunity to mark a notable event or honor a special person. For more information, view the memorial and commemorations tree and bench donation information and policy or contact Jim Vaughan, natural resource coordinator, at or 952.924.2562. The memorials and commemorations tree and bench contract can be found on the last page of the information and policy document. 

Evergreen Award

The Evergreen Award is presented each year to properties that at highly visible and that are well maintained and landscaped. Businesses, apartments and houses are all eligible to receive the award.

If you would like to nominate a property, contact Jim Vaughan, natural resources coordinator, at or 952.924.2699.

Nominations are due each year by Aug. 1.