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Adopt-a-Park or Garden

Contribute to the beauty of St. Louis Park by volunteering to monitor your neighborhood park or garden. Adopt-a-Park or Garden volunteers can choose to plant, maintain the annual garden and/or patrol their park each week during the summer, keep the park litter-free, and report any vandalism or needed repairs. Adopt the park or garden of your choice (provided it has not already been adopted).

For more information or to volunteer, email View the Adopt-a-Park Map.

Community Cleanups

Leaves and grass clippings that fall onto your street are a serious pollutant for our local waters. When they are washed down storm sewers, they are carried to local lakes and rivers, untreated and unfiltered. Once in the water, organic debris releases phosphorus. This fuels noxious algae blooms that degrade water quality and harm lake and river ecosystems and aquatic life. Residents can help prevent this water pollution. Here’s how: 

  • Rake leaves and other debris from the curb in front of your home, and clear the nearest storm drain.
  • Never rake leaves into the street. You may compost this material or bag the leaves and set them at the curb for the city’s recycling service to pick up.
  • Involve your neighbors. If you’d like to organize a block-wide cleanup, go to for more information or to get your Community Cleanups for Water Quality toolkit. It’s easy, cheap and a fun neighborly way to help local lakes and rivers. 

Community Gardens

The City of St. Louis Park promotes environmental stewardship and community through gardening. Community gardens have many benefits for participants and the community.

St. Louis Park has several community gardens, four of which are managed by the city. The others are managed by neighborhood or apartment associations. All of the gardens are in demand and usually have waiting lists to secure a gardening plot. Call 952.924.2562 to put your name on the waiting list for city-managed garden sites.

Gardeners, as you begin planning and planting, please consider growing an extra row and donating fresh produce to the St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP). Visit for donation hours. Questions regarding the STEP Garden Gleaning program? Email or call 952.925.4899 to donate your extra food.

Donate a Memorial Tree or Bench

The City of St. Louis Park encourages you to honor someone in the form of a dedicated tree or bench placed in one of our parks. A tree or bench is a wonderful way to preserve cherished thoughts of individuals you care about, at the same time enhancing our community and environment. Our wish is to provide a perfect setting for your dedication. For more information, please call 952.924.2562 or contact See the city's Memorial Tree and Bench Policy.

St. Louis Park Is a Bee-Friendly City

City Council passed a resolution declaring St. Louis Park a "Bee-Friendly" city. This resolution defines eight parks where no pesticides are sprayed and dandelions and white clover are promoted. Along with the designated bee-friendly parks, the city will increase education about bees and bee friendly landscaping, as well as promote the creation of bee habitats throughout the city, on public and private property.


Evergreen Award

The Evergreen Award is presented each year to properties which are uniquely designed, well-maintained, with an emphasis on parcels that are visible to the passerby. Businesses, apartments and houses are all eligible to receive the award.

Call 952.924.2699 to nominate a property. Nominations are due each year on August 1.