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Natural Resources FAQs

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  • Are there any alternatives to having a standard lawn?

  • Can the city help with buckthorn removal?

  • Can the city provide tree and landscaping advice for my yard?

  • Do I need a permit for my landscaping project?

  • Does the city offer free wood mulch and compost?

  • Does the city treat any areas for mosquitos?

  • How can I learn more about invasive species?

  • How can I protect my trees from bur oak blight?

  • How can I protect my trees from Dutch elm disease and oak wilt?

  • How can I protect my trees from the emerald ash borer?

  • I need to remove a tree on my property. What are the city’s tree removal requirements?

  • What are the city’s sprinkling restrictions?

  • What does the city do to promote environmental stewardship?

  • What is the city's policy regarding uncut grass or weeds?

  • What other gardening and landscaping resources are available?

  • What's the Adopt-a-Park or Garden Program?

  • When are trees around power lines pruned?

  • When are trees on boulevards pruned?

  • Which watershed do I live in?