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Eligible Projects

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rain garden 

Selecting the right project is important to ensure that it is effective at reducing stormwater runoff and pollutants. Below are some examples of eligible projects. Details and information on the eligible projects can be found below.

Rain gardens

A depressed landscaped area that collects rain water from a roofs, driveways or streets and allows it to soak into the ground. 

Learn more about rain gardens.

Permeable pavement

Paving surfaces that allow stormwater runoff to soak through the surface and into the ground.

Learn more about permeable pavement.

Green roofs

A roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation, which allows rainwater to be absorbed.

Learn more about green roofs.

Tree plantings

Trees can be an important tool for retention and detention of stormwater runoff. Trees provide additional benefits, including cleaner air, reduction of heat island effects, carbon sequestration, reduced noise pollution, reduced pavement maintenance needs, and cooler cars in shaded parking lots.

Learn more about tree plantings.

Rain barrels

Barrels that capture runoff from roofs and hold it for later use, such as on lawns or gardens.

Neighborhood Rain Garden Grant Program

The city is receptive to innovative stormwater management practices that are effective at reducing pollution and runoff within stormwater. If you have a creative idea on how to implement something on your property, contact the city for further information.