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Replace your trees

The City of St. Louis Park loses hundreds of trees each year due to development, diseases, drought and other factors. While the city replaces trees removed from parks and boulevards within a year; unfortunately, not all trees are being replaced on private properties.

Trees are very important to our urban environment, providing benefits such as storm water mitigation, filtering our air, increasing oxygen, shading our city (keeping our energy costs down) and increasing property values. With the onslaught of invasive species, such as Dutch elm disease and emerald ash borer, it is vital that our urban forest be replenished and diverse. You can help by doing your part; plant a tree.

If a diseased or dying tree is removed from private property, the homeowner may buy a replacement tree at subsidized rates through St. Louis Park's annual tree sale.

Tree care

You can help your trees grow and flourish by:

  • Watering them - even mature trees - during prolonged dry periods. The best way to water small trees is to let a hose run very slowly at the base of the tree for about an hour. For trees larger than six inches in diameter, water under the outer edges of the branches for one hour with the hose open-ended at a trickle speed.
  • Saving routine pruning and trimming for dormant winter months when contractors will give you better rates. Don't trim elms, oaks and honey locusts in the spring or summer. Trimming between mid-April and mid-August greatly increases their disease susceptibility.

    List of licensed tree service providers for St. Louis Park.
  • Not banging into the base of the tree with your lawn mower.

Contact the city's environmental coordinator with questions or concerns about your trees at 952.924.2562 or

Tree diseases and infestations

Trees with diseases, downed trees that have disease symptoms and trees with infestations of insects such as the emerald ash borer, must be removed from boulevards and private property so they don't spread the disease to nearby healthy trees.

City staff will mark trees to be removed with orange paint.

Trees on the boulevard or public right of way

If the marked tree is on the boulevard or public right of way, the city will pay half the cost and the adjacent property owner will pay the other half of the tree removal and disposal charges. The city will arrange for a contractor to remove the tree.

Trees on private property

If the marked tree is on private property, the homeowner is responsible for 100 percent of the removal and disposal cost. The city will arrange for a contractor to remove the tree. Contractors selected by the city have met licensing requirements and have submitted competitive bids for tree removal and disposal. Property owners are free to reject the city contractor's bid and hire their own contractor to remove a tree from private property.

Discounted treatment rates available for ash trees

In mid-June 2019, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of emerald ash borer (EAB) in St. Louis Park.  

A citywide discount will be offered through 2020 to St. Louis Park homeowners to treat privately owned ash trees. The discount provides homeowners with an affordable option for managing their ash trees for long-term protection.

Learn more about the emerald ash borer and the discounted treatment program.

How to protect your trees from diseases and infestations

Visit the natural resources FAQs page for information about how to protect your trees from Dutch elm disease, oak wilt disease, bur oak blight and the emerald ash borer.

To schedule a free inspection of trees on your property, please call 952.928.1404 or email

Minnesota certified firewood

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has certified seven firewood producers in the state of Minnesota for heat treatment of firewood. Look for the logo when purchasing firewood. It means the firewood is safe to move and is free of emerald ash borer.

Certified firewood producers:

  • Emily Forest Products
  • JN Firewood
  • Minnesota Firewood LLC
  • Paul's Fireplace Wood Inc.
  • Price Firewood
  • Sunset Firewood Company
  • TSL Firewood


Jim Vaughan, natural resources coordinator