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(June 5, 2020) A message from St. Louis Park Police Chief Mike Harcey

Since the horrific and appalling death of George Floyd, I’ve been contacted by many community members asking about our policing model and calling for change.

While I could provide a lengthy list of the many, many actions our police department has taken over decades to ensure that we are a community-based police department, now is not the time to talk about everything we’ve done. Now is the time to listen to those we serve. Now is the time to consider how we all move forward together with a model that will treat those we serve with equity, dignity and compassion.

It’s not easy for those of us who are dedicated to the policing profession to hear, but it’s true that there has been a history of injustices in policing. It’s clear there have been many examples of how policing is failing people of color. I hope we can all look back on 2020 as the year we reached a tipping point to make dramatic change in policing, our communities and our country to dismantle systemic racism. The St. Louis Park Police Department is dedicated to being part of that change.

We are committed to partnerships with our community, to transparency, to fundamental fairness, to treating everyone with respect and dignity and to providing a voice to the community. We realize we must do more. We look forward to conversations with those we serve. In the meantime, you can read more on these pages about the wide range of the work we do for the community we serve.

If you wish to provide comments or feedback, email or call 952.924.2600. We look forward to hearing from you.

About the St. Louis Park Police Department

The mission of the St. Louis Park Police Department is to provide citizens with quality service, professional conduct and a safe environment in which to live, work and learn. We are committed to an active partnership with our community as we work together to solve problems and prevent crime.

The department has 56 sworn officers, six community service officers and 18 additional staff members, including administrators, support staff, dispatchers and a community liaison.

Core values

We believe that service to the public is our reason for being, and we strive to deliver quality services in a highly professional and cost-effective manner.

We believe that preventing crime and disorder is the best and most economical law enforcement solution.

We recognize our interdependent relationship with the community we serve, and we are continually sensitive to changing community needs.

We believe that ethics and integrity are the foundation of public trust and confidence, and that all meaningful relationships are built on these values.

We believe that our employees are the department's greatest resource. As professionals, we continually strive to improve the quality of our skills.

Our department's mission, values and goals are, at all times, in harmony with the mission, values and goals of the City of St. Louis Park.

Policing strategies

In addition to responding to crime and calls for service, the police department concentrates efforts on prevention and resolving quality of life issues that affect the well-being of the community. The department uses a number of operational strategies to deliver police services based on the nature of the incident or problem. For more information, read the policing strategies.

Community policing is essential to the success of the St. Louis Park Police Department. Community policing relies on our ability to form partnerships with the community to solve problems and quality of life issues. We also work collaboratively with community, local, state and federal agencies to enforce state laws and local ordinances.

Between August and November 2017, the St. Louis Park Police Department presented four sessions to the City Council regarding the department’s service delivery model, policy and procedures, critical incidents and council response to critical incidents. Learn more information about the police department sessions and presentations.

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