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City crews appreciative your patience and understanding as we work to maintain safe, passable streets throughout the community. On the right side are frequently asked questions and answers, which we hope will provide some insight into challenges faced by the community over the winter.

If you have any questions about snow and ice removal operations or would like to report an issue, please don’t hesitate to call public works at 952.924.2562.

Snow removal

Public works staff works diligently to provide snow removal services for streets, sidewalks, trails and alleys within the city.

Ice control practices

The city responds to emergencies when notified and responds to routine service requests during regular business hours.

Main plow routes
Our primary focus is on our higher volume roadways. These roadways are plowed first and treated with chemicals, sand or salt to try to control icy conditions.
Residential streets

When icy conditions develop, our focus is on known trouble spots with higher accident potential due to slopes or curves, and heavily traveled intersections. These spots are treated with chemicals or sand mix to provide some traction. Neighborhood streets are treated with chemicals only if pavement temperatures are expected to remain above 15 degrees.


Alleys are generally not treated with chemicals or sand. Alley trouble spots are only treated after an extended period of time with a chemical or sand mix to provide some traction. Alleys are very difficult to maintain because they are constructed with a low center for drainage purposes. Salting alleys does not usually eliminate icy conditions and can cause frozen ruts to form which can be an even larger problem.

Sidewalks and trails

Sidewalks and trails are not treated with chemicals or sand, and are limited to snow removal only. Sidewalks and trails are also extremely difficult to maintain and keep ice-free. As the snow melts, it often gets trapped between the snow banks on either side of the sidewalk or trail where it pools and refreezes.

Salting strategies

The city has not established a "bare pavement" or ice-free (safety) requirement. An industry proven salting strategy is used that balances financial and environmental responsibility to achieve safe driving surfaces for the public. View more information on the City of St. Louis Park's salting strategies.