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Pothole Repair

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Most potholes form in late winter and early spring when rain or snow melt gets into cracks and other defects in the pavement. When this moisture freezes, the resulting pressure causes the pavement to break and fail. Over time, this freeze/thaw cycle (contracting and expanding) can cause the pavement to crack, which can cause the pavement to deteriorate quickly under the weight of traffic. As the temperatures swing between freezing and thawing happens more frequently, the number and size of the potholes increases. Visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website to learn more about how potholes form.

Pothole patching

Pothole patching on city streets is done year round. Patching in the winter and spring months is done with cold mix asphalt, which is more workable at cold winter temperatures, but not a permanent repair. Regular city pothole patching with hot mix asphalt begins in May when asphalt plants re-open for the season. Hot mix asphalt is more durable than cold mix asphalt and provides a more permanent repair of potholes.

Reporting a problem

Within St. Louis Park, there are streets owned by the city, county and state. If you have a concern about potholes or other road conditions, it's important to contact the appropriate maintenance agency. Below you will find the contact information and how to report a problem for each agency. 

City streets

Potholes on city streets can be reported to the St. Louis Park Public Works Division at 952.924.2562, or submitted through

County roads

County roads in St. Louis Park include Excelsior Boulevard/County Road 3 and Minnetonka Boulevard/County Road 5. Potholes on these streets can be reported to Hennepin County at 612.596.0299, or you can report a pothole problem to Hennepin County online.

State highways

State highways in St. Louis Park include Interstate 394 and State Highways 7, 100 and 169. Potholes on these roadways can be reported to the Minnesota Department of Transportation at 651.366.5165, or you can report a pothole problem to MnDOT online.

When contacting these agencies, please be ready to report the location by listing the street and closest intersection where the problem pothole exists, and a house number or some way of identifying the location. If you are unsure of which office to contact, call the St. Louis Park Public Works Division at 952.924.2562.