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Get Involved

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The City of St. Louis Park views elections as a way the community can come together and voice their opinion. By getting involved, you can be a leader in your neighborhood or organization.

How to get involved

There are several opportunities and ways for you to get involved with elections in St. Louis Park. Below are a few options:

  • Become an election judge or student election judge
  • Talk with a friend or neighbor about voting
  • Join the Civics in the Park for youth program
  • Hold an event in your community
    • Voter registration drive
    • Education session on elections
    • Invite the elections team to come out to speak or listen to your group

Elections resources

The elections team has prepared several different resources for you to use at no cost, including voter registration forms, absentee ballot applications, and educational posters and flyers for your next event. These resources can be ordered separately or as a pre-made elections toolkit.

To request resources, email

Elections outreach

Upcoming events

The elections team has been busy meeting with several community organizations and groups to help educate people about elections. An outreach event map was created to show upcoming events the elections team will be at, as well as the past events and meetings they have attended.

Have the elections team at your event

The St. Louis Park elections team is ready to come to your event or group meeting to help you learn more about elections in the city. Staff can hold longer educational presentations with activities, or simply bring educational materials for your group. However, as your non-partisan election official, we cannot participate in any meeting sponsored by a political party, candidate for office or other political functions. Our information is only about how to participate in elections.

Email elections staff at, and our team will contact you with more information!