Election Ambassadors

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An election ambassador is a leader in the community who will help promote election education. They will provide elections information to the residential community, including helping people in the community learn how to register to vote, when to vote, where to vote, why voting matters and how to get more involved with elections.

Ambassadors will also work to promote participation in city election programs, including election judges and student election judges, student election program and mobile voting.


There are several other opportunities that will be available for election ambassadors, including:

  • Voice your opinion to the St. Louis Park elections team on current election issues and practices.
  • Help identify areas of need and opportunities to improve access to elections services and programs.
  • Promote inclusion and engagement in your community.
  • Have your name recognized on the city website as an election ambassador.
  • Participate in election outreach events throughout the year.
  • Speak to youth and community members about the importance of voting.

Requirements to be an election ambassador

  • Be the voice of elections for your community (neighborhood, faith organization, etc.).
  • Attend a pre-election workshop to learn about how elections work in St. Louis Park and resources that are available for voters.
  • Supply your community with informational materials provided by the St. Louis Park elections team.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming an election ambassador, contact the elections team at elections@stlouispark.org.

Selection process

The city will appoint 15 – 20 ambassadors annually. Appointments will be based on need and other factors, including geographic representation, availability, established community connections and leadership experience.