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Student Mock Election Results

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Student mock election - April 24, 2019

On April 24, the election team held their first mock election at St. Louis Park High School. During the mock election, 238 students voted for their favorite way to receive information from the school, favorite school meal and three songs to be played during passing time the last week of school. Results are shown below. The elections outreach team engaged with students about becoming voters and how the voting process works. Students were able to vote and cast real ballots, place them in a ballot counter and receive "I Voted" stickers. Students were excited and engaged by the chance to vote and expressed a clear desire to become voters in survey data collected onsite.

Ranked-choice races

The only question that went to multiple rounds of counting through ranked-choice voting was favorite way to receive information from the school. After six rounds, school email was declared the winner with 56 percent of the total votes cast. The other ranked-choice voting race, favorite school meal, was decided in the first round, with lunch receiving the most votes. 

Learn more about ranked-choice voting.

School board type voting 

School passing time music was not a ranked-choice contest, and was designed to work like races for school board in the City of St. Louis Park. Voters could select up to three choices, and the three options that received the most votes were elected in a single round of counting.

Ranked-choice races 

In the first round of counting a ranked choice race, we total the first choice votes and check whether any option received more votes than the threshold. The threshold for declaring a winner is 50 percent of total votes cast (238) plus one.

Favorite way to receive information (ranked-choice)
Delivery options Number of votes Percent of votes
School email 85 36 %
Mail 20 8 %
Social media 47 20 %
School website 22 9 % 
Announcements 39 16 %
School newsletter 10 4 %
Overvote 3 %
Undervote 1 %
UWI 5 2 %
Total votes continuing 238  
Sum of all ballots 238   
Exhausted votes    

Threshold = 120

*Percent of votes is calculated based on the sum of all ballots.

In round 1, school email received the most votes (85), but did not have more than the threshold (120) to be declared the winner. Overvotes, undervotes and undeclared write-ins (UWI) received the fewest votes (7, 3 and 5 respectively) and will be eliminated in the next round of counting. The next highest choices on those ballots will be added to the totals of the remaining choices.

Favorite school meal
Meal choice Number of votes Percent of votes 
Breakfast 55 41.18 %
Lunch 140 58.82 %
Total votes continuing 238   

Threshold = 120 

Lunch received the most votes (140), which is more than the threshold, and is declared the winner. No further rounds of counting are required.

School board style race

There is no threshold for winning a race of this type. The top three songs with the most votes are elected in a single round of counting. There were 105 write-in choices; no one write-in received more than two votes.

School passing time music
Song Number of votes
Talk - Khalid 67
Common - Maren Morris 8
Sunflower - Post Malone 91
Kiss and make up - Dua Lipa 21
Juice - Lizzo 50
Write-ins 105