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Where to Vote

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Use the Minnesota Secretary of State online poll finder to enter your address and find out where to vote. Your polling location will be open on Election Day (March 3, 2020) from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The poll finder also lets you view a sample ballot for your next election, when available. 

The polling locations map shows what ward and precinct you are in. If you have any questions, call the St. Louis Park elections line at 952.924.2503.  

Notice to voters

Please see designated voter entrances below for each precinct. Be aware that these are the ONLY entrances that will be available for voter access while the polls are open. Look for the "Vote Here" sandwich board sign at each facility which will be placed at the designated entrance door for voters.

Traffic and road congestion, especially during peak travel times, can be frustrating. When you're driving to the polls on Election Day please make sure you take your time, plan your route ahead of time and drive safe!

Our next election will occur during the winter months, and chances of inclement weather is high. If you can vote early through absentee voting, this may simplify voting and is highly encouraged. Updates on weather conditions on Election Day (March 3, 2020) will be posted to social media and on the website.

Polling locations by precinct

Precinct  Polling Place  Address  Voter Entrance  voting ROOM
1 Beth El Synagogue 5225 Barry St. W. Main entrance Ribnick Kiddush Social Hall
2 Wat Thai of Minnesota 2544 Hwy. 100 S. Northwest door near parking lot Theater
3 St. Louis Park City Hall 5005 Minnetonka Blvd.  1st floor or 3rd floor Council chambers
4 Central Community Center 6300 Walker St. Door 1, main entrance Gymnasium
5 Union Congregational Church 3700 Alabama Ave. S. Main entrance Fellowship Hall
6 St. Louis Park Recreation Center 3700 Monterey Drive Main entrance Banquet Room
7 Vista Lutheran Church 4003 Wooddale Ave. S. Main entrance
8 Aldersgate Methodist Church 3801 Wooddale Ave. S. Main entrance  Social Hall
9 Knollwood Place Apartments 3630 Phillips Pkwy. Main entrance Gathering space
10 Lenox Community Center 6715 Minnetonka Blvd. Door 1, main entrance Gymnasium
11 St. Louis Park High School 6425 33rd St. W. Door 15 Field house, parking lot available
12 Aquila Elementary School 8500 31st St. W. Door 1, main entrance Gymnasium
13 Westwood Lutheran Church 9001 Cedar Lake Rd. Main entrance Good Shepherd Hall
14 Park Harbor Church 1615 Texas Ave. S. Main entrance Gymnasium
15 Peace Presbyterian Church 7624 Cedar Lake Rd. Main entrance Fellowship Hall
16 St. Louis Park Middle School 2025 Texas Ave. S. Door 1, main entrance Gymnasium


St. Louis Park elections line