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Property Taxes

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How do I pay my property tax?

Hennepin County mails property tax statements in late March. Payments are due in May and October each year. If you have a question about your statement, visit the Hennepin County property taxation webpage or call them at 612.348.3011.

How are property taxes calculated?

Property taxes are set each year by determining the amount needed to provide services to the community. Policy makers, such as the school board, city council and county board, develop and propose a budget. Then, public hearings are held in November or December to give community members a chance to provide feedback. Final budgets are set by late December.

The cost of providing services to the community (the final budget) is divided among community members, based on taxable market values (assessed values) and property class rates. The residential rate is different than a commercial or apartment rate.

Property taxes do not fund either the state or federal government. These are funded by income and sales taxes.

Learn more about how property taxes are calculated by watching the video below.

Taxable market values

Minnesota law requires that the assessed value of your home reflect its market value — the price a buyer would typically pay for your home in today's real estate market. Assessors set your home's value by comparing what similar homes in your neighborhood actually sold for in the last year. For questions about your home's assessed value, visit the assessing page or call the city assessor's office at 952.924.2535.

For information about filing for homestead status, visit the homestead filing page.

Appeal your home’s value

If you disagree with your estimated market value, you have the right to appeal. However, we recommend that you first call the St. Louis Park City Assessor’s Office.  Often questions and issues can be resolved at the local level. If you still have concerns, go to Hennepin County’s website for information about filing an appeal.

Annual budget and capital improvement plan

Each year in December, city council adopts the budget for the following year. Go to the city budget page for detailed information about how your tax dollars are spent.

Find property information

For more information about taxes on a specific property, use Hennepin County’s property information search.

Senior citizen property tax deferral

Are you a senior citizen concerned about your ability to pay your property taxes? If so, the State of Minnesota's Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program may be able to help.

Under this program, qualifying seniors pay no more than three percent of their income toward their tax bill, and the state pays any remaining tax as a low interest loan. The unpaid tax, along with accumulated interest, then becomes a lien on the property. This lien must be satisfied when the property is sold.

To be eligible, you must be at least 65 years old, have a household income of $60,000 or less, and have lived in your home for at least 15 years.


The Minnesota Department of Revenue and Hennepin County have several resources and fact sheets available for you to better understand property taxes and how home values are calculated. Below are a few of these resources: