Proposed Ordinances

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In accordance with Minnesota Statute § 415.19, the following are proposed ordinances to be considered by the city council.  The documents posted are draft ordinances and are not considered "final" until they are officially approved by the city council and published according to law.  Please note that the city council meeting date listed is considered tentative and subject to change.  View agendas and minutes for city council meetings.

Date Posted Proposed Ordinance Description City Council
Meeting Date
3/15/2018  Ordinance Amending City Charter Chapter 4 regarding Voting Method to be Used in Municipal Elections 4/16/2018 2nd reading
3/6/2018  Ordinance Amending Chapter 36 relating to Architectural Materials for Greenhouses 3/19/18  Approved
2/21/2018  Ordinance creating PUD for Platia Place (9808 and 9920 Wayzata Blvd.)  3/5/2018  Approved
2/21/2018  Ordinance Vacating Right-of-Way (9808 and 9920 Wayzata Blvd.) 3/5/2018  Approved 
2/21/2018  Ordinance relating to Affordable Housing 3/5/2018  Approved
1/5/2018  Ordinance Amending Home Rule Charter Sec. 12.04, Contributions 1/16/2018 Approved
11/22/2017  Ordinance Amending Chapter 22 relating to Solid Waste Management 12/4/2017 


11/7/2017  Ordinance to Allow Certain Industrial Uses to Operate Outside Normal Business Hours 11/20/2017 Approved
11/3/2017 Ordinance Amending Chapter 8 relating to Tobacco 11/20/2017 Approved
10/5/2017 Ordinance Adopting Fees for 2018 10/16/2017 Approved
9/19/2017 Ordinance Amending Chapter 8 relating to Businesses and Licenses 10/2/2017
9/19/2017 Ordinance Regulating City Rights-of-Way for Small Cell Wireless Facilities 10/2/2017 Approved 
9/19/2017 Ordinance Vacating Utility Easement 10/2/2017 Approved 
9/6/2017 PUD Ordinance Major Amendment - The Elmwood 9/18/2017 Approved